New single "Out Of My Head" by Coucou

The trio Coucou, performing as a set of two vocalists and one guitar, describe their musical home as somewhere between Pop, Jazz and Folk. 
Today, after successfully doing a crowdfunding campagne, they release their new single "Out Of My Head" (Viel Erfolg mit der Musik).

Production: OLAF OPAL

Check out the new single by Coucou


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"trotzalledem" by KLEE
Jochen Naaf, O.L.A.F. Opal

After some years of silence KLEE (Premium Records) release their new LP "trotzalledem" today with sweet, magical songs inviting us to dream. JOCHEN NAAF produced and mixed "Kopfüber", "Danke Nein" and "Weil du ein Wunder bist" and also co-wrote the two last ones OLAF OPAL produced and mixed almost all remaining songs of the LP together with the Band Check out trotzalledem in full here

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Second LP by International Music
O.L.A.F. Opal

Channeling classic- and psychedelic rock, the salvation of German rock music, or simply eccentric bizarreness? Who cares! INTERNATIONAL MUSIC (Staatsakt) do it again and confuse and excite us with their second LP "Ententraum". Music journalists and critics are head over heels again, praising this record. Recording, Production and Mix: OLAF OPAL LP "Ententraum" - don't sleep on it!

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"Vertigo Days" - new LP by THE NOTWIST
O.L.A.F. Opal

It seems everything THE NOTWIST touch, instantly gains cult status. The new album "Vertigo Days" (Morr Music), for the first time in band history also featuring non english lyrics is on its way there again. With a mixture of different styles and featuring artists of different genres THE NOTWIST know how to surprise an audience even after thirty years. OLAF OPAL produced and mixed the LP Be sure to listen to the whole LP "Vertigo Days"  

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New old Juli EP "Da Draußen"
O.L.A.F. Opal

Seven years after their last LP in 2014, JULI are back. Starting off with the EP "Da Draußen" (Universal Music) with the band's favourites from old LPs, they promised new music for this year as well. OLAF OPAL produced four of the JULI archive songs on this EP   Check out the EP

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