After a few singles RHODES (B1 Recordings/ Sony Music) now releases the corresponding EP "I'm Not Okay" inkl. a new track "Every Turn".

ALEX BEITZKE and BRADLEY SPENCE produced "Every Turn"

Alex and Bradley also produced the tracks "This Shouldn't Work" and the title track "I'm Not Okay". 

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"Better for me" by SCOTT QUINN
Alex Beitzke

You can listen to the new single "Better for Me" (Gentle giant records) by SCOTT QUINN today everywhere! ALEX BEITZKE mixed this single After SCOTT QUINN's "Nightmare" this is the second collaboration of ALEX and the artist Check out "Better for Me" 

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Tyler Shaw releases new music
Alex Beitzke

Canadian singer and actor TYLER SHAW (Sony Music) releases his new single "When You're Home" today and touches with his soulful interpretation. ALEX BEITZKE co-wrote the song. Check out the song here.

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"Go 2 Sleep" by Cobi
Alex Beitzke

Sometimes a guitar is all you need. COBI (Manitou River Records) releases his new single "Go 2 Sleep" today. The acoustic track fascinates us even without a big production. ALEX BEITZKE has mixed the track. Listen to "Go 2 Sleep" now.

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Scott Quinn releases "Nightmare"
Alex Beitzke

Having written hits for artists such as BTS, Zara Larsson and Keith Urban - SCOTT QUINN releases his very own new single "Nightmare" (gentle giant records) today. ALEX BEITZKE mixed the single Listen to "Nightmare" here

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