Jeanette Biedermann is back! "DNA" is her new album

It has been quiet around JEANETTE BIEDERMANN for some time, but now she's back with her first solo LP in 10 years "DNA".
Songs written with heart and soul!

NICE co-wrote "In den 90ern" and EKI from NICE produced and mixed the track as well
KIKO MASBAUM also mixed 6 other LP tracks

Listen to the single "In den 90ern" and the whole album "DNA" here!


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Stefan Zielasasko - "Insel" Out Now!!
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After a few of band projects, German newcomer STEFAN ZIELASKO is now going solo. With his second single "Insel" he releases a potential hit. The track was mixed by KIKO MASBAUM. Listen to"Insel" here.

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New EP by Amilli
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AMILLI (Mightkillya), the young singer with Soul in her voice releases her new EP "Pulling Punches" today! Add. Mix: KIKO MASBAUM Check out the EP

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PUR releases new single
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With their new single "Keiner will alleine sein" (Abenteuerland Music) PUR draw the general conclusion from these strange times! They also start the countdown to their upcoming Best Of LP covering 40 of band history. Coming in October 2020. KIKO MASBAUM mixed the single "Keiner will alleine sein" Listen to the new PUR single here

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FARGO is back with his new single "Glück"
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Luck is never late - FARGO (Motor Music) presents his new single "Glück"! Written by FALK-ARNE GOSSLER and NIKO STEGMILLER Mix: KIKO MASBAUM "Glück" by FARGO

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