JAMIE LEE reinvents herself with new single

JAMIE LEE has gown up. Many know her as the mangagirl from The Voice Of Germany but JAMIE LEE has come a long way and presents herself with a new look, a new sound and a new single. "Flying" is her first song in German and is released today via NAPA Recordings.

TOBIAS RÖGER produced and co-wrote the single
KIKO MASBAUM mixed "Flying"

Listen to JAMIE LEE's "Fyling" here

and make sure to check out the video


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Jamie-lee - "Heartbeat distance" Out now!!
Tobias Röger

Jamie-Lee is back with a real banger. "Heartbeat Distance" is the name of the latest single by the 22-year-old singer. TOBIAS RÖGER produced, mixed and co-wrote the song. Listen to the catchy tune now. 

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New Single by PARALLEL
Tobias Röger, Kiko Masbaum

In this difficult times the new single "Hep Beraber" by PARALLEL from Stuttgart cheers us up by bringing summer vibes and joy to our homes. With lyrics in German, Italian and Turkish they take the whole wide world to our living room. TOBIAS RÖGER: Writing and Production KIKO MASBAUM: Mix Listen to the single "Hep Beraber" (Boutique Records) here

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Eurovision song contest participant JAMIE-LEE releases new single
Tobias Röger, Kiko Masbaum

Today, former Eurovision Song Contest participant JAMIE-LEE (Napa Recordings) released her new single called  „Auch Wenn es Gelogen ist“. The song was co-written and produced by TOBIAS RÖGER. KIKO MASBAUM is credited as the mixer. Listen to the song now. Watch the music video here.

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Lindenberg! Mach Dein Ding! OST out now!
Jem, Tobias Röger

The movie on UDO LINDENBERG's youth and his way to become one of Germany's biggest rockstars LINDENBERG! MACH DEIN DING! will be in cinemas on January 16th! Today you can already get in the modd with the Original Soundtrack incl. original songs, the title track "Niemals dran gezweifelt" and four UDO LINDENBERG songs performed by leading actor Jan Bülow. Recording, production and mix of the 4 songs sung by Jan Bülow by Peter Jem Seifert and Henrik Menzel The title track "Niemals dran gezweifelt" was co-written by Tobias Röger and produced and mixed by Peter Jem Seifert und Henrik Menzel Listen to the sountrack of Lindenberg! Mach Dein Ding! and watch the trailer here

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