... our producer duo has provided again for some new tracks. Here is an overview for you!

On 30.06. the single "Verpassen" by DARWIN MILLER (Sony) was released which was produced and co-written by the guys.

In July there were several realeses. Produced and co-written were among others on "Mondlicht" by ERBY, YBRE ft. Loufre (Universal) and on HANNA NOIR's new track "WASWENN!!"

Also in NIKANs (Sony) "bittersüss" album, which was released in July, our duo produced some songs diligently!

Last but not least, Ben co-wrote JOLLE's (PIAS) latest release "Schwarzes Wasser", which was released just last week. Produced by our duo together again.

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previous productions 2024

Our producer duo CAN'T BE BOUGHT have been working on some new productions in the first few weeks of the new year.  Amo49 and KALIM (Gold League) released their new single "Seit Wann" on January 26th, which was co-written and produced by the guys.  At the beginning of March, there were two releases in which can't be bought was involved and produced. Hanna Noir released her song "Farbenblind" and YBRE (DREAMGANG) released "Du weißt". Here the guys also did the mix & master. Last week, another single by YBRE (DREAMGANG) was released, entitled "Ich Liebe <3".  Feel free to listen!

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From YBRE (Groove Attack) and SIDEQUEST to JOLLE (365XX/PIAS) and DUNKL, our guys from CAN'T BE BOUGHT have been busy again in the last few months.  The new single "Hör damit auf" by Sidequest, co-written by Ben and produced by the duo, was released on August 25th.  YBRE (Groove Attack) also released the first single "SEELE VERLOREN" from the new album.  In October there were a few more releases in which the boys were involved. JOLLE (365XX/PIAS) released their new single "leeres statement", which was mixed and mastered by Ben.  In addition, YBRE (Groove Attack) released another single called "HASS", which also hints at the upcoming album release. This was produced, mixed and mastered by our guys.  Ben also took over the production of the newly released single "Unter die Haut" by DUNKL in October. On November 10th we finally released the new album by YBRE (Groove Attack), which is called "999". Here our duo took over the co-production as well as part of the writing.  A few successful months for our guys from CAN'T BE BOUGHT.

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jolle - "diffus" EP

"diffus" EP OUT NOW!  Hamburg rapper JOLLE (365XX) releases her new EP.  The perfect start to the weekend. The tracks "weisse lügen" - "peter pan" & "schwarzes wasser" were co-written and produced by CAN'T BE BOUGHT. They also mixed and mastered a total of 6 tracks.

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YBRE & Can't Be Bought - "999" Album
Paul Jacobi, can'

"999" album OUT NOW. YBRE (Groove Attack) and our boys from CAN'T BE BOUGHT released their first album together.  10 strong songs. Co-prod and co-written by. CAN'T BE BOUGHT.  "Balance" co-written by PAUL JACOBI.  Convince yourself!

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