Ellipso remix the Remix

Remix the Remix - ELLIPSO (Clapmode) feat. JOSEPH FEINSTEIN release their take on the 2000's "Lady (Hear Me Tonight)" by MODJO in the VIP Mix version.

Listen to the track now!!

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"The Silence" the new ELLIPSO single

With the new single "The Silence", released via Clapmode, ELLIPSO gift us with another track to keep us dancing through the weekend. Check out "The Silence"

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Ellipso covers Lil peep und XXXTEntacion
Ellipso, Joseph Feinstein

ELLIPSO (Clapmode) and JOSEPH FEINSTEIN team up to cover the LIL PEEP and XXXTENTACION hit "Falling Down". Listen to the "Falling Down"-remix here.

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new Ellipso-Release!

The producer duo ELLIPSO (Clapmode) sweetenes our start into the weekend with the release of their new single "Paradigm" ft. Sèb Mont. Check out the single now!

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"If I Don't" by ELLIPSO feat. Pariis IX out now
Ellipso, Ashley Parris

The duo ELLIPSO joins forces with singer PARIIS IX on their new single. "If I Don't" is released via Clapmode. "If I Don't" by ELLIPSO x PARIIS IX

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