Echo nominations 2018 with Golden Gate participation

The Echo nominations for 2018 are released. We're proud to announce that many Golden Gate producers were involved!

The BOUNCE BROTHAS are nominated for "Producer National" for Bausa's "Powerbausa" album (Warner Music) - they co-wrote and produced the track "Kleines Rad".

Helene Fischer: Nominated for "Album of the year" and for the category "Schlager" with "Helene Fischer" (Universal Music) - The author duo NICE wrote the song "Du hast mich stark gemacht". KIKO MASBAUM mixed the songs "Adieu", "Wenn du lachst" and "Schmetterling" and also co-produced the last one.

Johannes Oerding: Nominated for "Artist Pop National" with "Kreise"(Sony Music) - JEM mixed the album incl. single with Oliver Gregor. KIKO MASBAUM mixed two singles of the album and also participated with add. production.

Wincent Weiss: Nominated for "Artist Pop National" and "Newcomer National" with "Irgendwas gegen die Stille" (Universal Music) - JEM mixed some songs of the album incl. the single "Musik Sein" with Jens Dreesen and also did add. production for 4 songs.

Julia Engelmann: Nominated for "Female artist Pop National" with "Poesiealbum" (Universal Music) - KIKO MASBAUM mixed three songs of the album.

Milky Chance: Nominated for "Band Pop National" with "Blossom" (Universal Music) - MORITZ ENDERS mixed the album.

Radio Doria: Nominated for "Band Pop National" with "2 Seiten" (Universal Music) - JEM mixed 6 tracks on the album together with Oliver Gregor and MORITZ ENDERS also mixed one track.

Kasalla: Nominated for "Folk Music" with "Mer sin eins" (Pavement Records) - KIKO MASBAUM mixed some tracks on the album incl. the single "Mer sin eins".

Voxxclub: Nominated for "Folk Music" with "Donnawedda" (Universal Music) - LUIS BALTES  co-wrote the song "Heit bini kini". CHRISTOPH PAPENDIECK produced an wrote the song "Komm zeig her", which KIKO MASBAUM mixed.

Kraftklub: Nominated for "Rock National" with "Keine Nacht für Niemand" (Universal Music) - MORITZ ENDERS mixed seven songs on the album.

Michael Patrick Kelly: Nominated for "Artist International" with "iD" (Sony Music) - ALEX BEITZKE and Bradley Spence produced four songs und co-wrote two Songs. JEM mixed eight songs incl. the single "Golden Age".


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