"Alles auf Hoffnung" - latest single from GIL OFARIM

"Alles auf Hoffnung" is the title track of the coming LP by GIL OFARIM (Electrola), to be released in February 2020.
This single is the second taste of the first all German LP of this artist.

Peter JEM Seifert produced the single.

Listen to the new single "Alles auf Hoffnung"

and watch the video here

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Debut LP by PARALLEL out now
Jem, Tobias Röger, Kiko Masbaum

They startet off busking on the streets of Stuttgart, Germany. Now the duo PARALLEL presents their debut album "Bühnen aus Asphalt" (Boutique Records)!  Writing and produktion: TOBIAS RÖGER Mix: KIKO MASBAUM and JEM Listen to the LP "Bühnen aus Asphalt" here

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Summer feeling with "Zürisee" by Audiodelikt

AUDIODELIKT from Switzerland, a band singing in Swiss dialect, present their new single "Zürisee" released today! JEM mixed the song Listen to "Zürisee"

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Pietro Lombardi releases new Album "Lombardi"
Jem, Kiko Masbaum

PIETRO LOMBARDI (Universal Music GmbH) finally released his long-awaited album "Lombardi". The album features the moving power ballad "Kämpferherz". The song goes straight to the ear and heart. On the album you can also hear the song "In Diesem Moment", which was mixed by KIKO MASBAUM. "Kämpferherz" was mixed by PETER JEM SEIFERT. Listen to "Kämpferherz" here. Get to " In Diesem Moment" here.

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Gil Ofarim goes no. 5 on the german album charts
Jem, Moritz Enders, Christian Neander

After 22 years, GIL OFARIM is back in the German charts with a solo album. The album "Alles Auf Hoffnung" goes number 5 on the German album charts. The album was mixed by MORITZ ENDERS. PETER JEM SEIFERT produced 4 songs including the first single.  CHRISTIAN NEANDER wrote the song "Ein Teil Von Mir", which he also co-produced. Listen to "Alles Auf Hoffnung" here.

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