Alice Merton releases her sophomore album

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ALICE MERTON's second studio album (Paper Plane Records International) is out today. The album is titled "S:I:D:E:S" and takes us on an adventure with its 15 songs. 

CHRISTIAN NEANDER produced and wrote three songs together with ALICE MERTON.

You can listen to the masterpiece here!

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Damonas EP is out!
Frieder Does, Christian Neander

Finally all songs of DAMONA's (superpolrecords) EP "Chaos" are out. "Fix This" is the fourth and last song of the EP and shows DAMONA's calm, emotional side. A great song! The whole EP was produced and co-written by CHRISTIAN NEANDER. "Fix This" was mixed by Frieder Does. You can listen to the EP "Chaos" here. 

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stegmiller's new Single is out!
Niko Stegmiller, Christian Neander, Fargo

The third single "Bis wir Geister sind" by the Berliner-by-choice STEGMILLER (Motor Entertainment) is out! The story of a young man who seems to know no compromises, he processes his depression, wanderlust and other bad phases in the song. A strong single! Written by NIKO STEGMILLER, FALK-ARNE ZEISEWEIS and CHRISTIAN NEANDER. Co-produced by CHRISTIAN NEANDER. Listen to the single here. 

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Damona - "You should be scared of me"
Frieder Does, Christian Neander

OUT NOW! DAMONA's (superpolrecords) new rocking single "You should be scared of me". The track is already running in a continuous loop here in the office and be sure to check out the great music video! Co-written and produced by CHRISTIAN NEANDER. Mixed by FRIEDER DOES. You can listen to it here!

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"Heart Of Glass" - LCAW ft. Millie Turner
Christian Neander

LCWA released a new single "Heart Of Glass" together with the British artist MILLIE TURNER (AWAL), including a great music video.  The single was co-written by CHRISTIAN NEANDER, who also played the guitar. Here you can listen to the single.  And here you can find the amazing music video for "Heart Of Glass". 

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