1986zig release new single "Wir Beide"

1986ZIG shows us in his new song another chapter in his life. This one is about forbidden love and the empty lonely hours spent alone. 

Co-written and co-produced by CAN'T BE BOUGHT, "Wir Beide"(Good Kid Records).

Click here for the heartbreaking song

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"Enough (Konn Mix)" by SAMI ROSE
can't be bought

KONN once again inspires with his skills. This time he takes a chance on newcomer SAMI ROSE's debut single "Enough" (TWST) and gives the track more pep.  Co-Write and Co-Production: CAN'T BE BOUGHT Check out "Enough (Konn Mix)" here.

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Rapper Dazzit brings out first SOLO RELEASE!
can't be bought

Hamburg rapper DAZZIT was featured on several songs from the Disarstar album in the past. Now the talent brings out his first solo release "LowKey" (made in hamburg).  The debut single was co-produced by CAN'T BE BOUGHT.   You can listen to "LowKey" here.

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Focus on Diana Goldbergs new single!
can't be bought, Ashley Parris, Joseph Feinstein

Self-love and self-care are important topics nowadays, which should also be taken seriously. DIANA GOLDEBRG shows us how important they are in her new single "Focus" (Cloudkid). Writing: DIANA GOLDBERG, ASHLEY PARRIS & JOSEPH FEINSTEIN Production: JOSEPH FEINSTEIN Mix & Master: CAN'T BE BOUGHT Listen to the track here!

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Joseph Feinstein with "Like I Used To"
can't be bought, Joseph Feinstein

JOSEPH FEINSTEIN really lets the bad boy hang out in his new single "like i used to" and we're here for it. Writing: JOSEPH FEINSTEIN & MEGAN ASHWORTH Production: JOSEPH FEINSTEIN & CAN'T BE BOUGHT You can listen to the single here.

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