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"Niemals dran gezweifelt" - the single for the Udo Lindenberg movie

Not only is "Niemals dran gezweifelt" the new single by UDO LINDENBERG (Dolce Rita Recordings), but also the title track for the upcoming Udo Lindenberg biopic covering his early years.

"Lindenberg! Ich mach mein Ding!" - will be in cinemas January 2020.

TOBIAS RÖGER co-wrote "Niemals dran gezweifelt"
JEM and Henrik Menzel produced the song 

Listen to "Niemals dran gezweifelt" here

And don't forget to check out the trailer for the movie - here


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New single "Europa" by audiodelikt

audiodelikt, pop band from Zurich releases the new single "Europa" today. Mix: JEM Check out the single here

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A trip to Switzerland with Florian Ast and Halunke

We brought you to releases from our musical trip to Switzerland: FLORIAN AST - "Paradies" (Florian Ast Entertainment) Mix: JEM HALUNKE - "Ds höchschte Huus" (Der Letzte Schrei Records) Mastering: JEM

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Halunke with "Uf Rimini"

Summer feeling with the new single by the Swiss band HALKUNKE "Uf Rimini" in Swiss dialect (Der letzte Schrei Records) Mastering: JEM "Uf Rimini" here

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Debut LP by PARALLEL out now
Jem, Tobias Röger, Kiko Masbaum

They startet off busking on the streets of Stuttgart, Germany. Now the duo PARALLEL presents their debut album "Bühnen aus Asphalt" (Boutique Records)!  Writing and produktion: TOBIAS RÖGER Mix: KIKO MASBAUM and JEM Listen to the LP "Bühnen aus Asphalt" here

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