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Debut LP by PARALLEL out now

They startet off busking on the streets of Stuttgart, Germany. Now the duo PARALLEL presents their debut album "Bühnen aus Asphalt" (Boutique Records)! 

Writing and produktion: TOBIAS RÖGER

Listen to the LP "Bühnen aus Asphalt" here

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Christmas vinyl by Christian Steiffen

Christmas comes early this year with CHRISTIAN STEIFFEN (It Sounds). For this release he translated "He ain't heavy he's my brother" into "Er ist nicht schwer, er ist mein Bruder,"completing his Christmas single with his version of "Leise rieselt der Schnee", the artist's favourite Christmas carol. Mix: JEM Get Christmas ready with CHRISTIAN STEIFFEN

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INA MÜLLER Drops new Single

The new single of the German singer and TV presenter INA MÜLLER (COLUMBIA) is released today. The track "Ich Halt Die Luft An", which was co-written by the German pop singer "Johannes Oerdingen", will also be heard on the singer's upcoming album. JEM PETER SEIFERT has mixed the single and is also involved in the mixing of five other album tracks. Click here for the single!!

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Klan with "Nie Gesagt" feat. Mia.

The brothers of KLAN (Warner Music) teamed up with the singer MIA. and released a potential hit. The single "Nie Gesagt" illustrates how essential communication is for a functioning relationship and the extent to which it can take on when this is not present. Production and mix: JEM PETER SEIFERT and HENRIK MENZEL Listen to the single now.

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New single "Europa" by audiodelikt

audiodelikt, pop band from Zurich releases the new single "Europa" today. Mix: JEM Check out the single here

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