* duo based in Bochum, Germany but at home between Berlin and London

* atmospheric HipHop sound with dreamy Pop hooks and deep lyrics

* with their unpolished no-funks-given songwriting they effortlessly cross borders and genre limits

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VIGO BLAX releases new single
Vigo Blax

The guys from VIGO BLAX (Golddamn) stay busy and release their new single "Ballin" today.  Listen to the single!!

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Vigo Blax mit neuer Single
Vigo Blax

The guys from VIGO BLAX (Golddamn) start the New Music Friday with their new single "Miles Away". You can listen to the song now on all streaming platforms. Listen to "Miles Away" now.

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"Ocean / 6pm" - double feature by Vigo Blax
Vigo Blax

Just like two birds with one stone, VIGO BLAX hit us with the release of their new singles "Ocean" and "6pm" as double feature. And of course they present a stunning visual with it.

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Vigo Blax samples 80er-Hit
Vigo Blax

The boys from VIGO BLAX (Golddamn) have taken the 80s hit "Where Is My Mind?" by the PIXIES and made it their own. With a trappy beat and more modern lyrics, they brought the song into the present day. You can listen to the VIGO BLAX version "Feelings In My Phone" here.

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VIGO BLAX are Kofi and Jones, moving back and forth between Berlin und London. Currently they live and work in Bochum, Germany which is well known as a developing hot spot for young up and coming artists.
Kofi Samuel Halan playfully uses deep and meaningful english lyrics to portray wishes, fears and challenges his generation faces.
Jones Markschat - producer and Drummer - is building the foundations for Kofi's toplines with beats and guitars.
With their zero-fucks-giving attitude they create songwriting that is brilliantly unpolished and excitingly new.
Their atmospheric VIGO BLAX sound with dreamy pop hooks as well as the Grunge loving four minutes guitar tracks of their side project Harbor are a part of the great artistic universe of Kofi und Jones.
And they're just getting started. Hello world, you've waited long enough!

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