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Joseph Feinstein dropped his EP

Here it is, JOSEPH FEINSTEIN's (CloudKid) EP "bad routine" with two more great songs. We've been listening to the EP all day in the office!

Co-write and co-production by JOSEPH FEINSTEIN.

Mix/Master of "idwk", "pinocchio" and "bad routine" CAN'T.BE.BOUGHT

Here you can listen to "bad routine". 


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"Scherben" - YBRE x ANTHI x can'

"Scherben" is the name of the new single from YBRE x ANTHI x CANT'T.BE.BOUGHT (Polydor x Island Records). Simply amazing what they have conjured from the original. Be sure to check it out.  Co-written and produced by CAN'T.BE.BOUGHT.  You can listen to "Scherben" here.

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Luca Kaminski - "Zu dir und mir"

Newcomer LUCA KAMINSKI (Groove Attack) releases his new single "Zu dir und mir". A song that stays in your head.  Mix & Master by CAN'T.BE.BOUGHT. Listen to "Zu dir und mir" here.

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Nikan - "cozyy"

The new single by NIKAN (Sony Music) "cozy" is out. An upbeat song with the classic Nikan sound: The Dusseldorf native provides summer vibes with his new single. Co-written and co-produced by CAN'T.BE.BOUGHT. You can listen to the single here.

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Dunkl - "Tränen"

The artist DUNKL, who grew up in Mannheim and Heidelberg, released his new single "Tränen". The emotional sound meets his dark voice, a strong song.  Co-written and co-produced by CAN'.T.BE.BOUGHT. Listen to the song here!

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