Artist, Producer, Remixer

* producer duo with main focus on dance

* gesigned with Clapmode

* hits out of this world

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Latest news about Ellipso


Ellipso & HYPHN feat. Georgie Keller - "Silver & Gold" Out now!!

The guys from ELLIPSO release together with HYPHN & GEORGIE KELLER their latest single "Silver & Gold" (Beat Dealer Records) today and the new track has it all. Listen to "Silver & Gold" here.

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"Mercy" by Ellipso x Ava Silver

The new track "Mercy" by ELLIPSO, featuring the voice of singer AVA SILVER from the Netherlands, is available for streaming everywhere today! Check out "Mercy"

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Ellipso releases new Remix
Lindgren, Ellipso

The single "Raw" was already released at the end of last year, now ELLIPSO, LUCKY LUKE and CANDACE SOSA give the song a fresh makeover. Co-Write: ELLIPSO & LINDGREN Co-Production: ELLIPSO & LINDGREN Listen to the more upbeat version here.

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Ellipso with new Single

The new single by ELLIPSO (Clapmode) "Put Your Love On Me" is out now! The dance track goes straight into the ear and puts you in a good mood. Listen to the track now.

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