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ELEN releases second LP

After releasing her debut LP in 2015, today five years later ELEN (Universal Music) presents her second album called "Blind ├╝ber Rot"

CHRISTIAN NEANDER and KIKO MASBAUM were involved in the making of this LP.

Production 2 songs: Christian Neander und Kiko Masbaum
"Hallo" Production Christian Neander, Mix Kiko Masbaum 
Mix 5 more songs: Kiko Masbaum

Listen to ELEN's full LP here


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Tayfun Guttstadt - "Magusa"
Kiko Masbaum

TAYFUN GUTTSTADT music speaks for a new generation: between modernity and tradition, between tradition and individuality, between hip-hop, trap, oriental classical music and pop. His new single "Magusa" is an honestly calm but very beautiful single. We are looking forward to the album! Mixed by KIKO MASBAUM. You can listen to it here. 

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Johannes Oerding - "Kaleidoskop"
Kiko Masbaum

JOHANNES OERDING (Columbia) looks through the "Kaleidoskope" in his new single, a beautiful song! We are eagerly awaiting his new album. The song was mixed by KIKO and WALDEMAR. You can listen to it here. 

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Byelian - "strange love"
Kiko Masbaum

BYELIAN (MIGHTKILLYA) enchants us with another single, "strange love". The perfect song for a relaxed start into the weekend. We are looking forward to more music from him!  Mixed by KIKO MASBAUM. You can listen to "strange love" here. 

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Byelian - "lost I different perspective"
Kiko Masbaum

After "whenever it's too quite" the second single "lost l a different perspective" from BYELIANS (MIGHTKILLYA) upcoming EP is released today. We can't wait to hear the rest. The track was mixed by KIKO MASBAUM. You can listen to the song here.

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