Charlie McClean

Producer, Songwriter

* based in Hamburg
* recent cuts incl. LÉON's "Come Home To Me", Violet Skies' songs "Give Me A Reason" and "Cry For Me", Selina Mour "We Are The Misfits"
* worked on releases from One Direction, Leona Lewis, Ellie Goulding, Little Mix among others
* recently worked with Christina Perri, Icona Pop, Lxandra, No/Me, Raffaella, James Hersey
* Co-Founder of the SheWrites, all female writing camps in London, Berlin, Stockholm, Nashville and Los Angeles

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Malou - "Mind Control" out now!!
Charlie McClean

MALOU (Warner Music) literally controls our minds with her new single. The catchy tune just got stuck in our heads.  CHARLIE MCCLEAN co-wrote the song. Listen to "Mind Control" here.

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Neue Music by Anna Rossinelli
Charlie McClean

Swiss singer ANNA ROSSINELLI (Universal Music) releases her new single "Forevermore" today. For the uplifting song, the singer sought help from producer and songwriter CHARLIE MCCLEAN. Wrting: CHARLIE MCCLEAN & ANNA ROSSINELLI Production: CHARLIE MCCLEAN Listen to "Forevermore" now!

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New Malou Single
Charlie McClean

With her new single"Focus" (Warner Music) MALOU presents her second release as a solo artist after her debut "All Or Nothing". CHARLIE MCCLEAN co-wrote the single "Focus" by MALOU on Spotify

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Tom Grennan & Emily Roberts give us A "little bit of love"
Charlie McClean

A collaboration that paid off! TOM GRENNAN releases his new single "Little Bit of Love" together with EMILY ROBERTS today. The raspy voice of TOM together with the tender voice of Emily give the song an additional unique character. Engineering: CHARIE MCCLEAN Listen to the single now.

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Charlie worked for Violet Skies, Ellie Goulding, One Direction and many more
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Charlie McClean is a producer, songwriter, engineer and multi-instrumentalist from England, currently based in Hamburg, Germany. Trained and mentored by multi-platinum selling producers Rupert Hine (Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks), Richard „Biff“ Stannard (James Arthur, Ellie Goulding) and Ash Howes (Kylie Minogue, One Direction)

Charlie splits her time between producing and writing in Europe and the US. Upcoming cuts include Diana Ross, Tyler Shaw, Malou, SVRCINA and more.

Current releases include LÉON's "Come Home To Me”, Ed Prosek's "The Mountain”, Jordy "Just Give Me A Minute", Selina Mour's "We Are The Misfits", Violet Skies "Give Me A Reason" and "Cry For Me”.

She is the co-founder of sheWrites, hosting all-female writing camps around the world, including London, Berlin, Stockholm, Tokyo and Los Angeles.

As a producer and writer Charlie draws from classical and jazz training and artistic love for composition as well as from many years of experience live and in studio sessions. Sought after also as executive producer and creative consultant, her versatile skillset and artist focussed approach are an asset to any project.


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