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After her best of album in 2015 the austrian pop artist CHRISTINA STÜRMER (Universal Music) is back with a brand new record called "Seite an Seite" - recorded and produced by EKI VON NICE.

Team NICE wrote the tracks "Neue Farben" as well as the single "Seite an Seite.

"Träum Weiter", "Leicht sein" and "Niemals mehr für immer" are written by TOBIAS RÖGER

Go and get it here.

More news from NICE


New CALLEJON LP "Metropolis"

CALLEJON (Warner Music) go back to the roots with their new LP "Metropolis" - hardcore metal songs in the significant Callejon style. KOTSCHE from NICE co-wrote 3 songs on the LP Check out "Metropolis"

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TIM KAMRAD with "Blame It On The Lights"
Eki von Nice, NICE

With his new single "Blame It on the Lights"  TIM KAMRAD (Roof Music) captures the vibe of a summernight out - carefree and easy. Writing: NICE Production and mix: EKI from NICE Listen to "Blame it on the Lights" by TIM KAMRAD

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New single by TIM KAMRAD "Outside"
Eki von Nice, NICE

Today TIM KAMRAD (Roof Music) releases his new single "Outside"! EKI from NICE produced and mixed "Outside" NICE also co-wrote the song Currently TIM KAMRAD is supporting Adel Tawil on his arena tour through Germany, in March 2020 he'll be back with his very own TIM KAMRAD club tour Listen to the single "Outside" and check the latest tour dates

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Jeanette Biedermann is back! "DNA" is her new album
Kiko Masbaum, NICE

It has been quiet around JEANETTE BIEDERMANN for some time, but now she's back with her first solo LP in 10 years "DNA". Songs written with heart and soul! NICE co-wrote "In den 90ern" and EKI from NICE produced and mixed the track as well KIKO MASBAUM also mixed 6 other LP tracks Listen to the single "In den 90ern" and the whole album "DNA" here!

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