Tobias Röger constitutes a contributing part to a new generation of lyricists, songwriters and producers. Like few others, he effortlessly combines songwriting with producing qualities.

Good reason for artists such as Udo Lindenberg, Christina Stürmer, Cassandra Steen, Roger Cicero and others, to turn to Röger for tailor-made knock-out tunes.

Not only a prolific composer, Tobias has made his mark as a producer; initially, during 10 years as band member, lead singer and guitarist with the band Wohlstandskinder, he was able to build a reputation as songwriter and producer.

After the band’s split in 2005, Tobias headed for new horizons as a songwriter for Christina Stürmer and later producer-songwriter for his new band Ton.

Peace and inspiration to his beautiful music and words are easily found in his studio overlooking lush pastures meadows. All his material is crafted and refined there: chart-topping songs sculpted with authenticity indie tunes morphed into blockbusters.