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"Blood red morning (I hate you)" - Jesse Tellem

Today the new single of the German-American JESSE TELLEM (Believe) was released, it is called "Blood Red Morning (I Hate You)". An emotional, strong ballad.


You can listen to the song here.


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Antje Schomaker - "SNACKS"
Frieder Does

What snacks are you taking to bed with you today?  ANTJE SCHOMAKER (BMG) takes them all, in her new song "Snacks".  Produced by FRIEDER DOES. Feel free to listen.

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Frieder Does - Latest Projects
Frieder Does

Recorded. Produced. Mixed.  FRIEDER DOES did all this in the new song "Nie nach Paris" by ANTJE SCHOMAKER (BMG).  He also mixed in the EP "How not to be like this" by BOBBY LIES (Easthaven Records), which was released on June 30th. The last song he participated in is called "Sparkle" by DERY. Also here FRIEDER could use his mixing skills. Listen to it!

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Release Radar - Frieder Does
Frieder Does

Our producer and mixer Frieder has been working on some great projects in the last weeks, here is an overview of the releases of the last weeks. On 12 May, two great songs were released: "Sleeping with my Clothes On"  by BOBBY LIES (Easthaven Records) and the beautiful song "Wenn ich mal Kinder hab" by ANTJE SCHOMAKER (BMG). Both tracks were mixed by FRIEDER DOES.  Another song he mixed is "witty" by DERY. This one will be released on 26.05., be sure to listen to it.  Two more tracks were released today, "Look at Me Now" by the ROOFTOP SAILORS (Horse on the Grill records), a strong rock number mixed and produced by FRIEDER DOES. And from CASTILLO ft. PAUL GERLINGER "Sch**ß Stadt", which he also mixed. Happy Weeekend! xX

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Marlon Hammer - "Flüssiges Glück"
Frieder Does, Marlon Hammer, NICE

Finally a new single from our young Bochumer MARLON HAMMER (Telamo) "Flüssiges Glück". A beautiful, emotional track reminiscent of Felix Felicis from Harry Potter. Definitely listen to it! Written by MARLON HAMMER.  Co-produced by Team NICE. Mixed by Frieder Does.  You can listen to "Flüssiges Glück" here.

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