Sebastian Kreis

Produzent, Songwriter

* versatile producer and songwriter based in Berlin, Germany

* part of buzzing avantgarde pop duo Hyperclap

* recent releases via TrapNation, Universal, Guesstimate, Lowly

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New chillhouse track by ALOON
Hyperclap, Sebastian Kreis

ALOON release new chill house track "Sweet Dream" via Styleheads Music. Production: HYPERCLAP Listen to "Sweet Dream"

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Aloon release debut single
Hyperclap, Sebastian Kreis

ALOON release their first ever track "So Alone" via vybrant/Styleheads Music. Produced by HYPERCLAP Check out "So Alone"

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Hyperclap covers Rihanna-hit
Hyperclap, Sebastian Kreis

The duo from HYPERCLAP (Clapmode) takes on the Rihanna mega hit "Umbrella" and turns it into a cool house track. Check out the remix now.

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Hyperclap, Lindgren, Sebastian Kreis

The Berlin based DJ and producer duo Hyperclap makes organic electronic music that sometimes crosses musical boundaries - Today they release their new Single "Expensive Taste" (feat. Elin Bell). The Song was co-produced and co-written by LINDGREN! Listen to "Expensive Taste"

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Sebastian worked with AnnaVR, Hyperclap, Schwarz Don't Crack, Nosoyo, Younotus

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Sebastian Kreis is a producer and songwriter based in Berlin.

Born in council housing in Halle, Germany, Sebastian grows up with the influence of bands like Sonic Youth, Velvet Underground and Led Zeppelin.
Soon enough Hip Hop, electronic, Jazz and Avantgarde as well as Pop also become of interest and Sebastian leaves the small town behind to move to the city.
Berlin is calling - the meeting point of an international music scene with its many opportunities.
Since 2011 Sebastian lives and works as a musician, producer and songwriter in the German capital.
With the Electronic-R'n'B duo SCHWARZ DON'T CRACK he releases the LP "No Hard Feelings" and several singles and he also played the Melt Festival and Berlin Festival live.

As a producer and songwriter Sebastian works with analog and digital elements alike and draws his inspiration from different genres. His productions are based on a clear vision of the result but always leave room for intuitive and creative ideas.