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SPREMBERG/DÖRSCHEL/JEM/RÖGER: 2nd season of "Sing meinen Song" starts off with YVONNE CATTERFELD

YVONNE CATTERFELD's (Polydor/Island) songs were the first ones to be interpreted in den second season of "Sing meinen Song - Das Tauschkonzert".
Thias time YVONNE CATTERFELD, ANDREAS BOURANI, CHRISTINA STÜRMER, Die Prinzen, PUR-singer Hartmut Engler and Daniel Wirtz accepted Xavier Naidoo's invitation.

ROLAND SPREMBERG accompanied YVONNE CATTERFELD on her trip to South Africa as a Musical Advisor.

He also produced her latest album "Lieber So" and co-wrote and mixed some tracks on the album.
TOBIAS RÖGER and THOMAS DÖRSCHEL were involved in some writings as well.
JEM mixed two album tracks.

This LP with two additional tracks went straight on #1 in the iTunes charts after the first episode.
After the great success of the first season we place high hopes o the next weeks' episodes with ANDREAS BOURANI and CHRISTINA STÜRMER.

Both artists recently worked with Golden Gate producers and songwriters - <link http: de news detail datum jem-gold-fuer-andreas-bouranis-album-hey external-link-new-window external link in new>JEM, <link http: de news detail datum roegerjemsprembergpapendieckenders-ggm-produzenten-raeumen-beim-echo-ab external-link-new-window external link in new>TOBIAS RÖGER, <link http: de news detail datum jemtobias-roegernice-amadeus-awards-fuer-christina-stuermer external-link-new-window external link in new>EKI von NICE.

<link https: yvonnecatterfeldoffiziell videos vb.631533646861302 blank external-link-new-window external link in new>Watch the trailer for the new "Lieber So" version here - whoever finds ROLAND is the winner...

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Daniele Puccia - "Dein Leben"
Roland Spremberg, Louisa Marie

On May 19th the new single "Dein Leben" by DANIELE PUCCIA (Electrola) was released, co-written and produced by ROLAND and MARIE.  Feel free to listen!

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Daniele Puccia - "Viral"
Roland Spremberg, Louisa Marie

DANIELE PUCCIA (Universal Music) released his new single "Viral". A song about love, "Viral" - because it spreads like a virus in the heart and head.  Production by ROLAND SPREMBERG. Co-written by LOUISA MARIE, ROLAND SPREMBERG. You can listen to "Viral" here. 

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Daniele Puccia with "Gegengift"
Roland Spremberg, Louisa Marie

New artist alert! Daniele Puccia celebrates his debut with the release of his single "Gegengift" and has definitely made the right decision with the single choice.  The potential hit was written by LOUISA BÜCHELER, ROLAND SPREMBERG & TOM ALBRECHT. Production: ROLAND SPREMBERG Check out "Gegengift" here.

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Lou Bega veröffentlicht sein "90's Cruiser" Album!
Roland Spremberg

The 90's are now officially back! LOU BEGA releases today his long-awaited album "90's Cruiser"(Universal Music). On the album he covers many hits of the 90's and gives them a more modern twist. Among them is the single "Scattman Hatmann", which has already generated several million streams. Now the LP is finally available to everyone. The album was produced by ROLAND SPREMBERG. Listen to "90's Cruiser" now!

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