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In an amazing show the ECHO 2014 were awarded yesterday.

Three artists working with GGM-producers were under the lucky winners.

CHRISTINA STÜRMER (Universal) won the popular "Radio Echo" for her Gold-Hit "Millionen Lichter"

TOBIAS RÖGER composed this successful song and JEM mixed it.

<link http: blank external-link-new-window external link in new>Listen to the winner song

Other winners were TIM BENDZKO (Sony Music), "Rock/Pop National" and HELENE FISCHER (Universal) in the categories "Album of the Year" and "Deutschsprachiger Schlager".

MORITZ ENDERS mixed the TIM BENDZKO album "Am seidenen Faden".

The song "Te quiero" from the album "Farbenspiel" was written by TOBIAS RÖGER, ROLAND SPREMBERG and CHRISTOPH PAPENDIECK together with Michael OChs and Emi Green.


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Jem, Christian Neander, NICE

ANGUS POWELL releases his new single "Grow Wings on the Way Down" (Halogen Media Limited) today and it's a wonderful blend of a captivating beat accompanied by his smooth voice. Co-written: NICE Production: CHRISTIAN NEANDER, JEM & NICE Hört euch den entspannten Song hier an!

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Official music video "Wieder genauso" Udo Lindenberg

The big clock of life is ticking for each of us. In harmony with himself, UDO LINDENBERG sings about life and that he would do everything the same way again. In his new music video, Udo shares his world of thoughts with us and lets us visualize the music video with his words.   JEM PETER SEIFERT and HENRIK MENZEL produced the song. OUT NOW!!!! Watch Udo's new music video for the song "Wieder genauso" (Udo Lindenberg)! 

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Michael Patrick Kelly releases "B.O.A.T.S" LP

After four years, it is finally here. The Irish-American singer MICHAEL PATRICK KELLY (COLUMBIA) releases his long-awaited LP "B.O.A.T.S". The album title is an abbreviation for "Based on a true story". But the songs are not only based on a true incident, they are also meant to give the listeners courage, comfort and hope. But check it out for yourself! The guys from NICE co-wrote the song "The World". JEM mixed the songs "Icon" & "Mother's Day", including add. Production on the song "Icon". Listen to "B.O.A.T.S" here.

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Angus Powell - "Holding Up The Heavy"
Jem, Christian Neander

We think ANGUS has found the matching words: "I'd like to spin it for anyone who’s not where they thought they would be in 2021, anyone who’s trying to navigate a way through and everyone who's "Holding Up The Heavy"." - ANGUS POWELL (Halogen Music) ANGUS POWELL wrote this track in Berlin with CHRISTIAN NEANDER and JEM, who also produced and mixed it. Click here for the Song

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