Pelle Gunnerfeldt

Produzent, Mixer

* a legend in the Punk- and Hardcore community with productions and mixes for the milestone albums of The Refused or The Hives in the late 1990s and early 2000s
* lately working with Viagra Boys, Johnossi and Mandi Diao
* Platinum and Gold awarded releases in the Pop world with Veronica Maggio or Hello Saferide
* Swedish Grammy awarded
* based in Stockholm, Sweden

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Schimmerling releases "Frechmann"
Moritz Enders

The guys from SCHIMMERLING (RCA) take a more emotional course with their new single "Frechmann". The song goes out to all the lovebirds out there. Mix & Production : MORITZ ENDERS Check it out now!

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"Sixteen" by Lonely spring - out now!!
Moritz Enders

The four-piece emo-rock band LONELY SPRING (Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH) delights us today with their new single "Sixteen". The unique sound of the young band is especially apparent on this track. The song was produced and mixed by MORITZ ENDERS. Listen to the track here!

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Schimmerling - "Jäger" out now!!
Moritz Enders

The guys from SCHIMMERLING (RCA) are going on a big Germany tour in May 2020, but before that they release their newest single "Jäger". The song was produced and mixed by MORITZ ENDERS. Check it out now!!

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Gil Ofarim goes no. 5 on the german album charts
Jem, Moritz Enders, Christian Neander

After 22 years, GIL OFARIM is back in the German charts with a solo album. The album "Alles Auf Hoffnung" goes number 5 on the German album charts. The album was mixed by MORITZ ENDERS. PETER JEM SEIFERT produced 4 songs including the first single.  CHRISTIAN NEANDER wrote the song "Ein Teil Von Mir", which he also co-produced. Listen to "Alles Auf Hoffnung" here.

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Pelle worked with The Hives, Mandi Diao, Refused, Veronica Maggio, Viagra Boys, Johnossi and many more

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