News about Moritz Enders


...MARK FORSTER (Four Music)!

He represented Rheinland-Pfalz with his performance at the Bundesvision Song Contest.

Along with all the music that was played that evening there where some political statements aswell. So the unofficial motto for this years BuViSoCo was "Refugees Welcome!".

<link http: videos der-gewinner-mark-forster-- blank>Checkt out the performance by Mark Forster

#3 Thüringen: Yvonne Catterfeld with "Lieber So"
Production + Mix: Roland Spremberg

#4 Niedersachsen: Madsen with "Küss Mich"
Production + Mix: Moritz Enders

#5 Sachsen: Radio Doria with "Sehnsucht Nr.7"
Mix: Moritz Enders

#6 Baden-Württemberg: Glasperlenspiel with "Geiles Leben"
Production: Kilian & Jo

#7 Hessen: Namika with "Hellwach"
Mix: Olsen Involtini

Congrats to all the artists!