Eki von Nice

producer, mixer, songwriter

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Eki von Nice, NICE

KAMRAD gives us a real catchy tune with his new song "I Believe" (KAMRAD) today. You can stream his good mood song on all platforms. Co-writing: KOTSCHE, EKI from NICE & JONAS MARKSCHAT  Production and Mix: EKI from NICE Click here for the song

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New Music from Tim Kamrad
Eki von Nice, NICE

Tim Kamrad shows us how much he has grown up with his new single. You can listen to the single "GROW" everywhere now. Writing: NICE, JONAS MARKSCHAT & TIM KAMRAD Production and Mix: EKI von NICE Listen to "GROW" here.

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TIM KAMRAD with "Blame It On The Lights"
Eki von Nice, NICE

With his new single "Blame It on the Lights"  TIM KAMRAD (Roof Music) captures the vibe of a summernight out - carefree and easy. Writing: NICE Production and mix: EKI from NICE Listen to "Blame it on the Lights" by TIM KAMRAD

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New single by TIM KAMRAD "Outside"
Eki von Nice, NICE

Today TIM KAMRAD (Roof Music) releases his new single "Outside"! EKI from NICE produced and mixed "Outside" NICE also co-wrote the song Currently TIM KAMRAD is supporting Adel Tawil on his arena tour through Germany, in March 2020 he'll be back with his very own TIM KAMRAD club tour Listen to the single "Outside" and check the latest tour dates

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Eki von Nice worked for Christina Stürmer, Tim Kamrad, Helene Fischer, I Am Jerry and many more.

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