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FEYR released debut single

Berlin based FEYR already an accomplished songwriter now releases his first music as an artist.
The single "Atomic Chaos" via 5150/Ragequit paths the way for the upcoming EP.

CHARLIE MCCLEAN mixed "Atomic Chaos"

We can't wait for the EP to be released in May!

Until then- listening to the single on repeat



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Elisa Valerie - "Spaß & Probleme" EP
Charlie McClean

Another great release this week comes from ELISA VALERIE (Four Music) with her EP "Spaß & Probleme". After two mega singles, you can finally listen to and enjoy all five songs.  The EP was mixed by CHARLIE MCCLEAN.  You can listen to the EP here. 

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Linus Bruhn - "Elli (Got Me Dancing)"
Charlie McClean

Elli got all of us dancing! We can't really keep our feet still when listening to the new single by LINUS BRUHN (CHARTLIGHT). The track was co-written by CHARLIE MCCLEAN. Listen to "Elli (Got Me Dancing)" here!

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Thomas Daniel "Wakes Up alone"
Charlie McClean

THOMAS DANIEL processes his heartbreak in his new single "Wake Up Alone". We hope he won't have to wake up alone in the future. CHARLIE MCCLEAN mixed and mastered the song. Listen to "Wake Up Alone" here.

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Sam Vance-Law releases new LP
Charlie McClean

The new album "Goodbye" by SAM VANCE-LAW is finally released today. We were waiting impatiently for the new record and now we can finally enjoy 12 new songs.  The album was co-produced by CHARLIE MCCLEAN. Click here to listen to "Goodbye".

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