Carsten Heller

producer, mixer, songwriter

* based in Aarhus, Dänemark.
* very sought-after mixer in Denmark for his sophisticated mixes ranging from modern/urban Pop acts (Gulddreng) to organic band sounds (Minds Of 99, Peter Sommer, Dúné)
* his productions and mixes are Danish Grammys and Danish Radio Awards nominated

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Halleluja!! Frida Gold is back
Carsten Heller

2016 was their last release. Four years later, FRIDA GOLD (Universal Music GmbH) are back with their new song "Halleluja". The track was mixed by CARSTEN HELLER. Listen to "Halleluja" now!!

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Dopha goes no 2 on danish airplay charts
Carsten Heller

The Danish pop singer DOPHA (The Bank Music) made it to number 2 on the Danish airplay charts with her hit "Happy For Me". The song was released back on January 17th, 2020. The track was mixed by CARSTEN HELLER. Check it out now.

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JUNG with "Blitz" on no. 3
Carsten Heller

The Danish band JUNG (Universal Music (Denmark) A / S) released their debut album on March 27th, 2020 and thus rise to number 3 on the Danish album charts this week. The album was mixed by CARSTEN HELLER. Check it ou now!!!

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Peter Sommer takes second spot of the danish album charts
Carsten Heller

Singer-songwriter PETER SOMMER lands a number 2 hit in the Danish charts with new album „Stærk Strøm Hen Over Ujævn Bund“ (Genlyd/ Sony Music Denmark). The album, released on the 17th of January 2020, was mixed by CARSTEN. Listen to the album here.

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Carsten worked for Minds Of 99, Dúné, Gulddreng, Frida Gold, Nephew, Jung, and many more

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