Simon Jäger

The Hamburg duo ZWO EINS RISIKO makes a clear statement with their new song "Bombengeschäfte" (Streamlyne/Soulkitchen). With their incredible energy the duo supports the private sea rescue of the "Sea Punks" from the proceeds of "Bombengeschäfte". Mix: SIMON JÄGER Cklick here for "Bombengeschäfte"

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Alex Mofa Gang releases new Album07January
Alex Mofa Gang releases new Album

Pop band ALEX MOFA GANG releases their new album "Nacht der Gewohnheit" (Redfield Records) today and inspire fans with their new tracks. NICE co-wrote the song "Madeleine". Click here for the album

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Ecci von Nice, NICE

KAMRAD gives us a real catchy tune with his new song "I Believe" (KAMRAD) today. You can stream his good mood song on all platforms. Co-writing: KOTSCHE, ECCI from NICE & JONAS MARKSCHAT  Production and Mix: ECCI from NICE Click here for the song

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"Du Fehlst Mir" by DELA17December
Bounce Brothas
"Du Fehlst Mir" by DELA

Singer DELA releases her heartbreaking ballad "Du fehlst mir" today. In the song, she describes the thoughts and feelings one has when losing a loved one. The song was produced and co-written by the BOUNCE BROTHAS. Listen to "Du fehlst mir" here.

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Ellipso & SUD - "Nobody" Out now!!17December
Ellipso & SUD - "Nobody" Out now!!

The perfect song for the weekend was released today. "Nobody" (can't be bought) is a collaboration between the producer duo ELLIPSO and SUD. The single can be heard on all streaming platforms as of today. Click here to listen to "Nobody".

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"Die Giovanni Zarrella Show": An evening full of music16December
Christoph Papendieck
"Die Giovanni Zarrella Show": An evening full of music

GIOVANNI ZARRELLA and his new show with famous guests and a great live band are the new star in German Saturday night TV. With his show "Die Giovanni Zarrella Show" he inspires the audience and made the hearts of German Schlager fans beat faster. In addition, there are many  performances by national and international stars or promising newcomers. Together they bring the stage to life and show us spectacular performances and emotional moments. CHRISTOPH PAPENDIECK is musical director, arranger and part of the live band in the show.  

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 Official music video "Wieder genauso" Udo Lindenberg13December
Official music video "Wieder genauso" Udo Lindenberg

The big clock of life is ticking for each of us. In harmony with himself, UDO LINDENBERG sings about life and that he would do everything the same way again. In his new music video, Udo shares his world of thoughts with us and lets us visualize the music video with his words.   JEM PETER SEIFERT and HENRIK MENZEL produced the song. OUT NOW!!!! Watch Udo's new music video for the song "Wieder genauso" (Udo Lindenberg)! 

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BOSSE & Nora Tschirner - "Nebensaison" Out now!!10December
Jochen Naaf
BOSSE & Nora Tschirner - "Nebensaison" Out now!!

BOSSE releases together with singer NORA TSCHIRNER his new single "Nebensaison" (Universal Music) today. JOCHEN NAAF produced the song together with BOSSE and PHILIP STEINKE. Mix: JOCHEN NAAF Click here to listen to "Nebensaison".

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New Single by Safran Safari & Nethy Aber10December
Kiko Masbaum
New Single by Safran Safari & Nethy Aber

Today the new single "Falling for Love" (vybrant) by SAFRAN SAFARI and NETHY ABER is released. The good mood maker is available on all streaming platforms as from today. The track was mixed by KIKO MASBAUM. Click here for the single.

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From kid with new single10December
Simon Jäger
From kid with new single

FROM KID (ANIAC Entertainment) releases his new single "Rude and Wild" today. Although the song is not as wild as the title might suggest, it still gets you emotionally very involved. It was produced and mixed by SIMON JÄGER. Click here to listen to the song.

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Haiyti drops new album 06December
Bounce Brothas
Haiyti drops new album

HAIYTI drops her new album "Speed Date" (Hayati Records) with a total of 25 tracks. This is her third album within twelve months, in which she shows her different styles. Respect at this point! The track "Stupido feat. MONEY BOY" was produced and co-written by the BOUNCE BROTHAS. Click here to listen to the track "Speed Date"

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Vigo Blax releases  "Idiots" EP03December
Vigo Blax
Vigo Blax releases "Idiots" EP

In advance there were the singles "Miles Away" and "6PM", today they now also release the EP to the songs. The EP with the name "Idiots" contains a total of six songs and encourages you to vibe along. Listen to "Idiots" now!

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1986zig release new single "Wir Beide"03December
can't be bought
1986zig release new single "Wir Beide"

1986ZIG shows us in his new song another chapter in his life. This one is about forbidden love and the empty lonely hours spent alone.  Co-written and co-produced by CAN'T BE BOUGHT, "Wir Beide"(Good Kid Records). Click here for the heartbreaking song

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Florentina with "Wenn du gehst" 03December
Bounce Brothas
Florentina with "Wenn du gehst"

She releases her new song "Wenn du gehst" today. The moving song is available on all streaming platforms as of today. The track was produced by BOUNCE BROTHAS. Listen to the single here!

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Parallel releases new Song26November
Tobias Röger
Parallel releases new Song

Who sometimes wishes that life was a movie?  PARALLEL releases  their new single "Wenn das Leben hier ein Film wäre" (recordJet) today and shows us that we are the real heroes in this time. Thanks to all who get up every day and do something good for society! TOBIAS RÖGER produced and co-wrote this song. Listen to the Song here!

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Tobias Röger

The trio KAPELLE PETRA releases to their " Die Vier Jahreszeiten" (Gute Laune Entertainment) album the Winter EP and rounds off the four EPs today.  TOBIAS RÖGER produced "Die Vier Jahreszeiten" and co-wrote six songs. Listen to "Die Vier Jahreszeiten" here

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MEYNBERG FEAT Joseph Feinstein - "LIGHTS GO DOWN"19November
Joseph Feinstein

Fitting for the weekend MEYNBERG and JOSEPH FEINSTEIN released the chill house song "Lights Go Down" (Soave Records). Check out the chill track here

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Joseph Feinstein

Today, singer HA SUNG WOON released "Electrified" (Interpark Corporation) , the title track of his latest EP "Electrified : Urban Nostalgia". HA SUNG WOON's sixth EP includes four songs that express his emotions as a man embarking on a new journey. JOSEPH FEINSTEIN co-wrote the title song Click here for the music video of "Electrified" Click here for the EP

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