EMILY ROBERTS with "Relationshit" 08May
EMILY ROBERTS with "Relationshit"

She's not in love and she loves it - Berlin singer EMILY ROBERTS (RCA/ Sony Music) celebrates being single in her new song "Realtionshit".  Production: LINDGREN and Marcus Brosch A hymn for all singles out there

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Aloon release debut single 08May
Hyperclap, Sebastian Kreis
Aloon release debut single

ALOON release their first ever track "So Alone" via vybrant/Styleheads Music. Produced by HYPERCLAP Check out "So Alone"

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Olsen Involtini

HAFTBEFEHL and SHIRIN DAVID channel their inner warrior with "Conan x Xenia" (Azzlaks/ Universal Music).  Mix: Olsen Involtini Check out the single

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"Safe Place" - Nightcall feat. Malou Out Now!08May
Christian Neander
"Safe Place" - Nightcall feat. Malou Out Now!

Deep House producer NIGHTCALL teams up with singer MALOU, who is the voice on the new single "Safe Place" (disco.wax/Universal Music). CHRISTIAN NEANDER co-wrote and co-produced "Safe Place" Listen to "Safe Place" by NIGHTCALL feat. Malou here

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two new releases at "the furios Destiny"08May
Arne Behnfeldt & Ben Walter
two new releases at "the furios Destiny"

The label "The Furious Destiny" is launching two new projects today. The first EP is from NINA YOUNG and is called "April Sun". The second EP is called "Across The world" and is from NIGHTWHISPER. Both projects were produced and written by ARNE BEHNFELDT and BEN WALTER. Listen to "April Sun" here. Check out "Across The World" here. 

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TYO loves life08May
Arne Behnfeldt & Ben Walter
TYO loves life

Berlin-based musician TYO is releasing his new single "Love Life" today. He very well represents his philosophy of life "Go with the flow and enjoy the journey" in his new single. The song was co-produced by ARNE BEHNFELDT and BEN WALTER. Listen to the track now!!

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Yung Lean Is back with "Pikachu"29April
Pelle Gunnerfeldt
Yung Lean Is back with "Pikachu"

Swedish rapper and producer YUNG LEAN (YEAR0001) released his new single "Pikachu" today. The music video "Violence + Pikachu" is already out as well. It shows the 23 year old rapper in an abandoned and neglected building. The single was mixed by PELLE GUNNERFELDT. Listen to the song now. Watch the video here.

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WEIRDO returns with "Eurotrash" 24April
Simon Jäger
WEIRDO returns with "Eurotrash"

WEIRDO - the artist living in Birmingham or Berlin depending on the f***ing weather as he says returns after a creative block with his new single "Eurotrash". The platform "Record of the day" celebrates his comeback. SIMON JÄGER produced and mixed "Eurotrash" Listen to WEIRDO and "Eurotrash"

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MOLA releases "Antiheld" 24April
Willy Löster
MOLA releases "Antiheld"

MOLA describes her style as Anti-Pop, with her new single the Munich artist releases her hymn - "Antiheld" (Eskapaden Musik). WILLY LÖSTER mixed the single "Antiheld" Listen to MOLA's new single here

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New THE IVY single out now 24April
Simon Jäger
New THE IVY single out now

Almost exactly one month after the release of their single "Missing Out" THE IVY release their new single "Thirty Eight" (Wasted Talent Records). SIMON JÄGER mixed the song Listen to "Thirty Eight" here

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 new Coconut kingdom release "HitMe"24April
Simon Jäger
new Coconut kingdom release "HitMe"

After almost two years, COCONUT KINGDOM (Napa Songs) are now releasing their second single "Hitme". The song was created with the help of SIMON JÄGER, who co-wrote the song, mixed it and produced it together with PHILIPP KOCH and DANIEL KOTITSCHKE. Listen to "Hitme" now.

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Fargo is back with "Holding"24April
Falk-Arne Gossler
Fargo is back with "Holding"

The singer and rapper Falk-Arne Gossler aka FARGO (Motor Music) released his latest single "Holding on" in collaboration with the indi-pop band YURI & NEIL. He also co-wrote the song. Listen to the single now!!

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Appera - "Lost In Yesterday" out now!!24April
Appera - "Lost In Yesterday" out now!!

The producer duo APPERA (clapmode) released their second single "Lost In Yesterday" together with musician NAMII today. Check out "Lost In Yesterday" now!!

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TwoWorldsApart Remix of "Blink" 24April
TwoWorldsApart Remix of "Blink"

The New York Electro-Dance-Pop Duo ONEDUO and the internationally sought after voice of dance music VASSY dedicta ea whole LP to remixes of their hit "Blink" ((KMV Music/Overdrive)   TwoWorldsApart also delivered a remix of "Blink" for this release. Welcome the weekend dancing with this tune - "Blink (TwoWorldsApart Remix)"

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Ellipso releases new single "numb"24April
Ellipso releases new single "numb"

The boys from ELLIPSO (clapmode) keep hustling. After the release of the "Fuckboy remix" last week, they are now releasing their latest single "Numb". It was co-written by ASHLEY PARRIS. Listen to "Numb" now!!

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New single by BATOMAE17April
Falk-Arne Gossler
New single by BATOMAE

On the road to releasing his debut LP, BATOMAE presents his new single "Unaser Lied" (Universal Music). FALK-ARNE GOSSLER co-wrote this single Listen to "Unser Lied" by BATOMAE

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Feyr with "omens"!!17April
Charlie McClean
Feyr with "omens"!!

The 29-year-old singer-songwriter FEYR (The 5150) releases his single "Omens" today. After the lead single "Atomic Chaos", this is the second single from his EP, which will be released in May. The song was mixed by CHARLIE MCCLEAN. Check it ou now!!

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Ellipso remixes Neptunica-song17April
Ellipso remixes Neptunica-song

The boys from ELLIPSO (clapmode) released a remix of the song "Fuckboy" by NEPTUNICA and IIVES today. There is also an extended version of the remix. Listen to the remix now.

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