FARGO - "Copacabana"02June
Niko Stegmiller, Fargo
FARGO - "Copacabana"

FARGO (Motor Entertainment) releases his new single "Copacabana", the perfect song for a sunny weekend! Brings fun and good mood. Co-written by FARGO and NIKO STEGMILLER.  Listen to "Copacabana" here.

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Marlon Hammer - "Flüssiges Glück" 02June
Frieder Does, Marlon Hammer, NICE
Marlon Hammer - "Flüssiges Glück"

Finally a new single from our young Bochumer MARLON HAMMER (Telamo) "Flüssiges Glück". A beautiful, emotional track reminiscent of Felix Felicis from Harry Potter. Definitely listen to it! Written by MARLON HAMMER.  Co-produced by Team NICE. Mixed by Frieder Does.  You can listen to "Flüssiges Glück" here.

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"Urlaub von mir selbst" - Batomae x Fargo19May
"Urlaub von mir selbst" - Batomae x Fargo

Perfect for the start of summer, BATOMAE and FARGO deliver a new catchy tune, "Urlaub von mir selbst". A great good mood song!  Co-written by FARGO. Listen to the song here.

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Kitty Valium is back!19May
Kitty Valium is back!

KITTY VALIUM releases a new single together with PEER PRESSURE "Lose It". A strong dance number perfect for the weekend. Co-write by KITTY VALIUM. Listen to "Lose It" here.

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"Scherben" - YBRE x ANTHI x can'
"Scherben" - YBRE x ANTHI x can'

"Scherben" is the name of the new single from YBRE x ANTHI x CANT'T.BE.BOUGHT (Polydor x Island Records). Simply amazing what they have conjured from the original. Be sure to check it out.  Co-written and produced by CAN'T.BE.BOUGHT.  You can listen to "Scherben" here.

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"Vintage Levis" - Big Shrimp Ace 12May
Big Shrimp Ace, Jones
"Vintage Levis" - Big Shrimp Ace

BIG SHRIMP ACE (Golddamn) new single "Vintage Levis" is here, strong song. The lyrics and the flow of the young Bochumer stay in your ear, we are looking forward to more! Co-written by ERIK ORTMANN and JONES.  Here you can listen to the song.

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Release-Day with The Hives, Dessy Stefanou and more05May
Pelle Gunnerfeldt, Alex Beitzke, Bounce Brothas
Release-Day with The Hives, Dessy Stefanou and more

Happy Release-Day to all involved! Featuring: THE HIVES (The Hives AB) - "Bogus Operandi". The first single from the presumably upcoming new album, strong number. Mixed by PELLE GUNNERFELDT. DOMINIK HARTZ (FerryHouse) - "Was ich will" EP. Five strong songs that you must have heard. Especially the title track "Was ich will", this one co-written by PAUL JACOBI.  DESSY STEFANOU (Songzz Media) - "Let that shit go". The third single from the new comer, be sure to check it out. Production and co-write by the BOUNCE BROTHAS. COBI (AntiFragile Music) - "The Frame". The new single from the US-American is out and beautiful, hopefully a new album will come soon. Mixed by ALEX BEITZKE.  Have a great weekend and enjoy the new music!

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Luca Kaminski - "Zu dir und mir"14April
Luca Kaminski - "Zu dir und mir"

Newcomer LUCA KAMINSKI (Groove Attack) releases his new single "Zu dir und mir". A song that stays in your head.  Mix & Master by CAN'T.BE.BOUGHT. Listen to "Zu dir und mir" here.

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"ein bisschen Lärm" by Madsen 14April
Moritz Enders
"ein bisschen Lärm" by Madsen

In August, MADSEN (Goodbye Logik Records) will release their new album "Hollywood". The first single "Ein bisschen Lärm" can be heard now. Mixed by MORITZ ENDERS. You can listen to the song here.

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Amilli - "Soami"14April
Kiko Masbaum
Amilli - "Soami"

The young singer from Bochum, AMILLI (Mightkillya), releases her new single "Soami", a beautiful song. You can even see her live in Hamburg at the end of May, on 19 May at Hebebühne.  Mixed by KIKO MASBAUM. Listen to "Soami" here.

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The Intersphere - "A la carte"14April
Moritz Enders
The Intersphere - "A la carte"

THE INTERSPHERE (OMN Label Services) release their new single "A La Carte", great rocking number.  Mixed by MORITZ ENDERS". You can listen to the single here.

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Silbermond - "Lieber lauf ich davon"07April
Jochen Naaf, Moritz Enders
Silbermond - "Lieber lauf ich davon"

"Lieber lauf ich davon", the new single by SILBERMOND (Universal Music) was released today. A song about the fear of facing oneself and the attempt to escape the ego. About the feeling of not being able to stand the silence and one's own thoughts and instead going in search of distraction. Just running away. Produced by JOCHEN NAAF and mixed by MORITZ ENDERS. Listen to the single here.

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stegmiller -"Licht" 05April
Frieder Does, Niko Stegmiller, Christian Neander
stegmiller -"Licht"

STEGMILLER's (Motor Entertainment) new single "Licht" is here! Everyone knows them: The dark sides of life, phases in which even the colourful sides of everyday life seem only grey. It is precisely in these phases that Stegmiller sits down at the piano and creates songs. Writing off all the ballast, invoking the good times to knock again, "Licht" is both and so much more. Produced by CHRISTIAN NEANDER and mixed by FRIEDER DOES.  Listen to "Licht" here.

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"Too good to be you" - Bobby Lies 31March
Frieder Does, NICE
"Too good to be you" - Bobby Lies

The new single "Too Good To Be You" by BOBBY LIES (Easthaven Records) is out. A song about a one-night stand and good mood.  Produced by KOTSCHE. Mixed by FRIEDER DOES. You can listen to the single here.

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Nikan - "cozyy"31March
Nikan - "cozyy"

The new single by NIKAN (Sony Music) "cozy" is out. An upbeat song with the classic Nikan sound: The Dusseldorf native provides summer vibes with his new single. Co-written and co-produced by CAN'T.BE.BOUGHT. You can listen to the single here.

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new fil bo riva single31March
Jochen Naaf
new fil bo riva single

FIL BO RIVA (Universal Music) releases his new single "Modern Melancholia". The song is a reflection on missed opportunities to connect with people and the regret that can follow. It is a poignant, introspective track that deals with the loss of loved ones. Produced by JOCHEN NAAF and SVEN LUDWIG. You can listen to the single here.

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Loco Candy - "Sparkasse"31March
Loco Candy - "Sparkasse"

LOCO CANDY (BMG) from Bochum releases his new single "Sparkasse", another banger! Produced and co-written by JONES. You can listen to the single here.

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Tayfun Guttstadts Album is out!31March
Kiko Masbaum
Tayfun Guttstadts Album is out!

TAYFUN GUTTSTADT's (Guttstadt Music) album is finally here and is called "Tarâpzâde". His album is a look into a cultural conglomeration that would generally pass for Middle Eastern. But Tayfun Guttstadt does not take a one-dimensional view of a world shaped by cultural exchange. Three texts are his, the rest are stories handed down over several hundred years. He sings in Turkish, the poets are often Alevi, the instruments are sometimes Arabic and sometimes Persian, the imprint of his album is always multi-ethnic. Mixed by KIKO MASBAUM. You can listen to the album here.

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