Philine Sonny - "Drugs"29September
Jones, Kiko Masbaum
Philine Sonny - "Drugs"

KIKO and JONES collaborated on the new single by Philine Sonny (Nettwerk Music). It is called "Drugs". Mix by KIKO and Drum rec. by JONES.

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Rooftop Sailors - "New High"29September
Frieder Does
Rooftop Sailors - "New High"

Today there was a new single release from the ROOFTOP SAILORS. Feel free to listen to "New High". Our dear FRIEDER DOES did the production and the mix. HAPPY WEEKEND!

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Nico Laska - "one night talk"29September
Frieder Does
Nico Laska - "one night talk"

NICO LASKA (Munich Warehouse) released his new single "one night talk" today. Mix by FRIEDER DOES. Listen to it and convince yourself!

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Summer Releases28September
Joseph Feinstein
Summer Releases

JOSPEH FEINSTEIN is collaborating on a couple of new releases over the summer. OKKUPADO released their album "TELLYOUWHAT!" on which JOSEPH co-wrote the songs "GTFO" and "TELLYOUWHAT".  He also did the co-write on ROC DUBLOC's (Protocol Recordings) new track "Otherside". On 01.09. VILLFORTH released their new single "All I Want Is Everything". Again JOSEPH did the co-write and production.  Feel free to listen!

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New Stuff from Christian Neander28September
Christian Neander
New Stuff from Christian Neander

Our producer and songwriter CHRISTIAN NEANDER was involved in some new releases in the last months. On May 26th there was the release of "go to h<3ll" by AIKO x RXSEBOY (Good Luck Kid) where CHRISTIAN co-wrote and produced. In July and August there was one new song each from DAMONA (superpolrecords) "God give me a car" and "Girl across the street". Here CHRISTIAN wrote, produced and mixed diligently.  In addition, CHRISTIAN took over the production of the new songs "Tausend Raketen" and "Vergiss die guten Tage nicht" by FLORIAN KÜNSTLER (Universal), which enriched the music world on September 22.

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Release Radar - Alex Beitzke28September
Alex Beitzke
Release Radar - Alex Beitzke

A lot has happened in the last four months. From production to mix and co-write ALEX BEITZKE was always at the start. On 12.05. came the new single "Love Hurts" from LALU (Good Luck Kid). At the beginning of July came the release of "Happy" and on 18.08. appeared "Sunlight". Both singles are by the artist RHODES (Nettwerk Music Group).  All titles were co-written, produced and mixed by ALEX BEITZKE. In September there were directly two works in which ALEX is involved. Among others MORITZ co-wrote CERRONE (Because Music) feat. RHODES (Nettwerk Music Group) "Alle We Are", which was released on 08.09..  ALEX also wrote, produced and mixed the single "Another Life" by AIKO (Good Luck Kid) and CLIDE, which was released on 22.09. Listen in and let yourself be convinced!!!

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What happened...15September
What happened...

... JONES was active! In the last months there were some releases where our producer was involved. In May the track "Tuana" was released by LOCO CANDY x SOULY (BMG), where JONES was involved in the production and as co-writer. In addition, LOCO CANDY (BMG) released the track "Treibsand" on 07/07, where JONES also worked on the prdoction and as co-writer.  The matching album "Treibsand Deluxe" to the single of LOCO CANDY (NAPA) released on 07.07., was released today on 15.09.. Also here JONES produced some stuff. Last but not least JONES produced and mixed the song "Die besten Tage" by SEBASTIAN WURTH (BMG), which has already been released on 04.08.. Listen in and let yourself be convinced!

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Antje Schomaker - "SNACKS"01September
Frieder Does
Antje Schomaker - "SNACKS"

What snacks are you taking to bed with you today?  ANTJE SCHOMAKER (BMG) takes them all, in her new song "Snacks".  Produced by FRIEDER DOES. Feel free to listen.

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dela - "dangerous"01September
Bounce Brothas
dela - "dangerous"

DELA (Universal Music) releases her new single "Dangerous". A soft voice wrapped in a strong song. Produced and co-written by the BOUNCE BROTHAS. You can listen to the single here.

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"Liebestrank" - that's the name of CZESLO's new single, which was released on our tartufo rec. label. For all who want to hear some lines full of love again! Feel free to listen to it!

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MARLON HAMMER - "Angenehm kühl"25August
Marlon Hammer, Ecci von Nice
MARLON HAMMER - "Angenehm kühl"

There she is! The new single "Angenehm kühl" from MARLON HAMMER (Energie). The perfect track to cool down after the hot summer days.  Written by MARLON HAMMER himself. Produced by ECCI. Here you can enjoy the track!

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new produces22August
Jochen Naaf
new produces

Our producer, mixer and songwriter JOCHEN NAAF was again involved in some projects. Here is a small overview for you. On 02.06. it came directly to two releases in which our producer JOCHEN NAAF was involved. On the one hand he produced the single "Ghost me" by JAMES HERSEY (Sony Music) and worked on two other songs from the new SILBERMOND (Universal) album "Auf Auf".  GIANT ROOKS (Universal Music) released their new single "Somebody like you" on 04.08., which was also produced by our Jochen. Have a look and enjoy the music!

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... our producer duo has provided again for some new tracks. Here is an overview for you! On 30.06. the single "Verpassen" by DARWIN MILLER (Sony) was released which was produced and co-written by the guys. In July there were several realeses. Produced and co-written were among others on "Mondlicht" by ERBY, YBRE ft. Loufre (Universal) and on HANNA NOIR's new track "WASWENN!!".  Also in NIKANs (Sony) "bittersüss" album, which was released in July, our duo produced some songs diligently! Last but not least, Ben co-wrote JOLLE's (PIAS) latest release "Schwarzes Wasser", which was released just last week. Produced by our duo together again.

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Frieder Does - Latest Projects21August
Frieder Does
Frieder Does - Latest Projects

Recorded. Produced. Mixed.  FRIEDER DOES did all this in the new song "Nie nach Paris" by ANTJE SCHOMAKER (BMG).  He also mixed in the EP "How not to be like this" by BOBBY LIES (Easthaven Records), which was released on June 30th. The last song he participated in is called "Sparkle" by DERY. Also here FRIEDER could use his mixing skills. Listen to it!

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Release Radar - Team Nice18August
Release Radar - Team Nice

Our songwriter team KOTSCHE and EKI have been working on some great projects lately. Here is a short overview for you.  May 12 saw the release of "Sleeping With My Clothes On" by BOBBY LIES (Easthaven Records), which was produced and co-written by our lovely KOTSCHE.  BOBBY LIES' (Easthaven Records) new EP "How not to be like this" was released on June 30, with KOTSCHE also co-produced. Last but not least our team NICE mixed and co-produced the new song "Die besten Tage" by SEBASTIAN WURTHs (BMG).  Feel free to listen to it!

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New Stuff from Moritz Enders17August
Moritz Enders
New Stuff from Moritz Enders

Our producer and mixer Moritz has been involved in super projects in the last weeks. Here is an overview of the latest releases.  On 02.06. the album "Auf Auf" by SILBERMOND (Universal) was released, where MORITZ mixed 9 songs and co-produced 3. On 16.06. the single "emma" by CASPER (Warner) was released, where MORITZ could also present his mixing talent. Also the single "Heirate Mich" by MADSEN (Goodbye Logik Rec.) which was released on 23.06. was mixed by MORITZ.  Last but not least MORITZ also mixed "MS Abbrunzatissima" by ROY BIANCO & DIE ABBRUNZATI BOYS (Universal).

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Big Shrimp Ace, Jones

Here it is, the new EP by BIG SHRIMP ACE (Golddamn) "Garnelensache." with 6 strong songs. Definitely give it a listen, it's on continuous loop in our office.  Written by BIG SHRIMP ACE and JONES. Produced by JONES. "Garnelensache." listen here.

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Kamrads EP is out!30June
Jones, NICE
Kamrads EP is out!

KAMRAD's new EP is the best example of how to convey honest feelings casually and effortlessly, it's called "not good at playing love songs". It's hard to imagine the airplay charts without Kamrad, here are a few more great hits.  Co-written by Team NICE and JONES. Produced and mixed by ECCI and JONES. Listen to the new EP here.

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