New Loco Candy Single24February
New Loco Candy Single

LOCO CANDY (BMG) from Bochum released his new single "Wach auf" today, strong and emotional lyrics meets rock-pop. A great song! Co-written and produced by JONES. You can listen to "Wach Auf" here.

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YBRE - "1701.wav" 17February
YBRE - "1701.wav"

YBRE releases his new single "1701.wav" (DREAMGANGRECORDS) and shows in the song how it's going on in his life. co-produced and co-written by the duo CAN'T BE BOUGHT. Listen to the "1701.wav" here! 

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Dance with Tensnake and Ninetails10February
Joseph Feinstein
Dance with Tensnake and Ninetails

TENSNAKE and NINETAILS (Armada Music) released their new dance number "Bodytalk". From the irresistible grooves to the boisterous disco vibe, this song will have people dancing all night long.  Co-written by JOSEPH FEINSTEIN. You can listen to "Bodytalk" here.

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Bobby Lies - "The Drugs That I Do" 10February
Frieder Does, NICE
Bobby Lies - "The Drugs That I Do"

German punk rock singer BOBBY LIES (Easthaven Records) releases his new single "The Drugs That I Do". A strong song to rock out to at the weekend. Produced and co-written by CHRISTOPH KOTERZINA (Team NICE). Mixed by FRIEDER DOES. You can listen to the single here.

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DELA EP - "Amare"10February
Bounce Brothas
DELA EP - "Amare"

What a Friday, DELA (Universal Music) released her EP "Amare". Full of emotional, super strong songs, with her soft voice she hits just the right nerve and feeling with everyone.  3 songs were produced and co-written by the BOUNCE BROTHAS.  You can listen to the EP here.

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New Max von Milland Album!03February
Kiko Masbaum, Louisa Marie, Fargo
New Max von Milland Album!

The new album "Eisack" by MAX VON MILLAND (Sony Music) is here! South Tyrol wrapped up in an album, his sounds embody the essence of the region, great songs! Some songs were co-written by KIKO MASBAUM, LOUISA BÜCHELER and FARGO.  Co-production and co-mix KIKO MASBAUM. Here you can listen to the album.

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Silbermond - "Wenn`s am schönsten ist"27January
Moritz Enders
Silbermond - "Wenn`s am schönsten ist"

"Wenn`s am schönsten ist", the new single by SILBERMOND (Universal Music) is out. A great single for lovers or friends, definitely listen to it.  Mixed by MORITZ ENDERS.  Listen to "Wenn`s am schönsten ist" here. 

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LOUA - "Game Over"27January
Tobias Röger, Louisa Marie
LOUA - "Game Over"

Here it is, LOUA's (Seven.One Starwatch) new song "Game Over", the third single... will there be an EP soon? We are definitely looking forward to more! Co-Write by LOUISA BÜCHERLE and TOBIAS RÖGER Co-Production by TOBIAS RÖGER Here you can listen to "Game Over". 

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DELA - "Auf Nimmerwiedersehen" 27January
Bounce Brothas
DELA - "Auf Nimmerwiedersehen"

DELA (Universal Music) released her new, emotional single "Auf Nimmerwiedersehen". A great song to let all your feelings run free.  Produced and co-written by the BOUNCE BROTHAS.  You can listen to the song here. 

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James Hersey - "Right Where I Am"27January
Jochen Naaf
James Hersey - "Right Where I Am"

The new JAMES HERSEY (Sony Music) single is out. It's called "Right Where I Am" and is a real catchy tune. Co-produced by JOCHEN NAAF.  You can listen to "Right Where I Am" here. 

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Amilli - "Stuck in My Head"27January
Kiko Masbaum
Amilli - "Stuck in My Head"

21-year-old AMILLI (MIGHTKILLYA) from Bochum releases her new single "Stuck in MY Head". The perfect dance track for the weekend.  Mix and engineered by KIKO MASBAUM. You can listen to the single here. 

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TWA Single Out Now!20January
TWA Single Out Now!

After a long wait, the duo TWOWORLDSAPART releases their new single with MAHALO (AMADA Music) featuring THUTMOSE. The single is called "Feelin' Down" and is the perfect track for the weekend, get on the dance floor.  Co-Write and Co-Production: TWOWORLDSAPART You can listen to the single here. 

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Finally, the new KAMRAD single is out!20January
Jones, Ecci von Nice, NICE
Finally, the new KAMRAD single is out!

We had to wait a long time, but finally it's here, the new single by KAMRAD (Epic Records). It's called "Feel Alive" and is the follow-up single to his last hit "I believe" and is already a huge success. It was placed on the Pop Brandneu cover of the Spotify playlist and can also be found in many other playlists. Co-Write: JONAS MARSCHAT, Team NICE (ECCI + KOTSCHE)  Co-Production: JONES, ECCI  Listen to "Feel Alive" here. 

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Marlon Hammer "Live vom Teppich"20January
Jones, Marlon Hammer, Ecci von Nice
Marlon Hammer "Live vom Teppich"

MARLON HAMMER (Energie) is released his acoustic EP "Live vom Teppich" today, with 4 songs on it, 3 of which are brand new. In addition, there is a great video from the session for each song, check it out.  All songs were written by MARLON HAMMER himself.  They were produced by JONES and ECCI.  Here you can listen to the acoustic EP.

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"Ciao, Servus, Griass Di & Baba" - Max von Milland 13January
Kiko Masbaum, Louisa Marie
"Ciao, Servus, Griass Di & Baba" - Max von Milland

The new single by MAX VON MILLAND (Sony Music) from South Torol is out! The single is called "Ciao, Servus, Griass di & Baba" and really sets the mood.  Co-Write: LOUISA MARIE BÜCHELER and KIKO MASBAUM Production and mix by KIKO MASBAUM. You can listen to the song here. 

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Alok, James Arthur - "Work With My Love"13January
Alex Beitzke
Alok, James Arthur - "Work With My Love"

A new, strong dance track for the weekend! ALOK ft. JAMES ARTHUR (Sony Music) with "Work With My Love", a great song for the end of the workweek. Here in the office it's already playing over and over again. Vocal production by ALEX BEITZKE. You can listen to the single here. 

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updog - "cynical"13January
Joseph Feinstein
updog - "cynical"

New year, new UPDOG (CloudKid) single. It's called "cynical" and like his previous singles it's groovy, plus trumpets give it an extra touch.  It was co-written by JOSEPH FEINSTEIN.  You can listen to "cynical" here. 

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"Yârim" - Tayfun Guttstadt10January
Kiko Masbaum
"Yârim" - Tayfun Guttstadt

Happy New Year to all of you! We start the new year with another release from TAYFUN GUTTSTADT (Guttstadt Music) and ÖZLEM TANER, the single is called "Yârim (Yarim derdini ver bana)". A very nice track, we are looking forward to the whole album. Written and produced by TAYFUN GUTTSTADT. The song was mixed by KIKO MASBAUM.  Here you can listen to the single!

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