Hyperclap is back with a new cover12June
Hyperclap is back with a new cover

HYPERCLAP (We Are Diamond) covers  KEANE hit "Somewhere Only We Know" and gets pop singer REBECCA HELENA on board. Listen to the track now!!

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New music by Uppercut. Continue 23April
Luis Baltes
New music by Uppercut. Continue

This duo mixes genres on the regular  - anything goes. Making music together for years now UPPERCUT. CONTINUE are back with two new songs - "Trondheim" and "Walking on Clouds" (Kanone Records) Both songs written by LUIS BALTES Check out UPPERCUT. CONTINUE here

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KYDS release Chillhouse EP 22May
Hyperclap, Sebastian Kreis
KYDS release Chillhouse EP

KYDS release the chillhouse EP  "Circles" via We Are Diamond Production: HYPERCLAP Listen to this three tracks EP by KYDS

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Hafti is back!!05June
Olsen Involtini
Hafti is back!!

After five single releases including the single "Conan x Xenia" with former Youtube star "Shirin David", HAFTBEFEHL (Universal Music GmbH) aka Aykut Anhan finally releases the long awaited album "Das weisse Album". OLSEN INVOLTINI mixed the songs "Conan x Xenia", "1999" and "Papa was a Rolling Stone". Listen the album now!

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"Das Meer" - Music inspired by "Outlaw Ocean"05June
Ben Walter, Joseph Feinstein
"Das Meer" - Music inspired by "Outlaw Ocean"

"Das Meer" - an EP inspired by the book "Outlaw Ocean - Crime and survival in the last untamed frontier" by IAN URBINA. Produced by ARNE BEHNFELDT and BEN WALTER Co-Writing: ARNE BEHNFELDT and BEN WALTER, JOSEPH FEINSTEIN Pulitzer Prize awarded author IAN URBINA spends years at sea for this report, originally published at the New York Times, depicting, crime, slavery, piracy, mutiny and simple survival offshore. The music project inspired by the book convening hundreds of musicians all over the world in a shared goal of solidarity across the globe. Listen here to ARNE BEHNFELDT und BEN WALTER making music from journalism Learn more about the project

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Debut LP by PARALLEL out now 05June
Jem, Tobias Röger, Kiko Masbaum
Debut LP by PARALLEL out now

They startet off busking on the streets of Stuttgart, Germany. Now the duo PARALLEL presents their debut album "Bühnen aus Asphalt" (Boutique Records)!  Writing and produktion: TOBIAS RÖGER Mix: KIKO MASBAUM and JEM Listen to the LP "Bühnen aus Asphalt" here

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JOHNOSSI release new single with a bang 05June
Pelle Gunnerfeldt
JOHNOSSI release new single with a bang

"Wrecking Ball" by JOHNOSSI (BMG Rights Management) was supposed to start off the 2020 festival season with a bang. Festivals are cancelled  - but the song is still a banger! Production and mix: PELLE GUNNERFELDT For you "Wrecking Ball" by JOHNOSSI

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"Ipanema" EP by Pureblue 05June
Ben Walter, Joseph Feinstein
"Ipanema" EP by Pureblue

We just can't get enough of easy listening chillhouse! Do you? Check out the "Ipanema" EP by PUREBLUE via The Furious Destiny for more! Writing and production: ARNE BEHNFELDT and BEN WALTER Co-Writing "Purple Clouds": JOSEPH FEINSTEIN Tune in - "Ipanema"

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TwoWorldsApart release "Future" 05June
TwoWorldsApart release "Future"

The new TWOWORLDSAPART track "Future" is released via Clapmode. Excuse us while we shuffle and stomp into the weekend now. Off we go - "Future" by TWOWORLDSAPART

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"Komet" by HANNA BATKA released05June
Sandi Strmljan
"Komet" by HANNA BATKA released

"Komet" is the second single by HANNA BATKA (Fortunator Musik/ BMG Rights Management) released this year. SANDI STRMLJAN co-wrote, produced and mixed the single "Komet" on Spotify

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"Tropical Rain" EP by You Silence I Bird 05June
O.L.A.F. Opal
"Tropical Rain" EP by You Silence I Bird

YOU SILENCE I BIRD (Rar/Motor Entertainment) release their  EP "Tropical Rain" today - get ready for 5 songs of pure Indie-Pop! OLAF OPAL produced and mixed the EP This way for some "Tropical Rain"

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Debut single by STREAMLYNE "Tuesday"05June
Sandi Strmljan
Debut single by STREAMLYNE "Tuesday"

The debut "Tuesday" by STREAMLYNE (vybrant /Styleheads) is certainly no song only for Tuesdays but rather a good start into the weekend. Writing and production: SANDI STRMLJAN STREAMLYNE with "Tuesday"

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Nina Young "Hydrogen" out now 05June
Ben Walter
Nina Young "Hydrogen" out now

Need some more input for your chillhouse playlist? We got you covered! Here's NINA YOUNG (Furious Destiny) with "Hydrogen". Writing and production: Arne Behnfeldt and Ben Walter Click here for  "Hydrogen"

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Robert Dinero releases new single "Ehh" 05June
Sandi Strmljan
Robert Dinero releases new single "Ehh"

Spanish artist ROBERT DINERO (Streamlyne) releases his new his ingle "Ehh". Co-Writing, production and mix: Sandi Strmljan Check out "Ehh"

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Chillhouse for your summer evening leisure05June
Ben Walter
Chillhouse for your summer evening leisure

Craving a slow summer evening at the sea with a cool drink? NIGHTWISPER (Furious Destiny) deliver the right soundtrack for that with their new track "Golden Coast" Writing and production: Arne Behnfeldt and Ben Walter Drinking Aperol Spritz, watching the sunset, listening to "Golden Coast"

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Summer feeling with "Zürisee" by Audiodelikt 05June
Summer feeling with "Zürisee" by Audiodelikt

AUDIODELIKT from Switzerland, a band singing in Swiss dialect, present their new single "Zürisee" released today! JEM mixed the song Listen to "Zürisee"

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ELLIPSO release own version of 2000's hit 05June
Ellipso, Joseph Feinstein
ELLIPSO release own version of 2000's hit

ELLIPSO release their own interpretation of the 2000's Dance Hit "Lady (Hear Me Tonight)" by Modjo. In the vocal department they are supported by singer andsongwriter JOSEPH FEINSTEIN Step into the weekend  with "Lady (Hear me tonight)" by ELLIPSO feat. JOSEPH FEINSTEIN

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The Ivy - "Memories" Out now!!29May
Simon Jäger
The Ivy - "Memories" Out now!!

The EP "We Move Faster At Night" by the band THE IVY (Wasted Talent Records) is coming out on June 19th, 2020. But before that,  have a little foretaste with their latest single "Memories"! The single was mixed by SIMON JÄGER. Listen to "Memories" now!

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