Ellipso remix the Remix 26June
Ellipso, Joseph Feinstein
Ellipso remix the Remix

Remix the Remix - ELLIPSO (Clapmode) feat. JOSEPH FEINSTEIN release their take on the 2000's "Lady (Hear Me Tonight)" by MODJO in the VIP Mix version. Listen to the track now!!

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Joseph Feinstein - "Where I Belong"!!26June
Ben Walter, Joseph Feinstein
Joseph Feinstein - "Where I Belong"!!

JOSPEH FEINSTEIN (We Are Diamond) once again delivers a potential summer hit. "Where I Belong" is the name of the new single co-written and produced by ARNE BEHNFELDT & BEN WALTER. Check it out now!!.

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RHODES' new single "I'm not okay"19June
Alex Beitzke
RHODES' new single "I'm not okay"

With "I'm Not Okay" Singer-Songwriter RHODES (B1 Recordings/ Sony) releases his new single and a powerful statement to admit when you're not okay and just say so! Production: ALEXANDER BEITZKE und BRADLEY SPENCE  Listen to "I'm Not Okay"

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New LP by Wonach wir suchen19June
Simon Jäger
New LP by Wonach wir suchen

The Band WONACH WIR SUCHEN (Plaice Records) from Leipzig describes their style as akustik punk.  Today they release the new LP "laute Pfade leise Sohlen"! SIMON JÄGER produced the LP Check out the album here

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"Millenium" LP by JUSE JU19June
Willy Löster
"Millenium" LP by JUSE JU

After releasing singles the last couple of weeks the new LP "Millenium" (Groove Attack) by JUSE JU is out now! The artists himself says that he never eagerly awaited a release as much as this one - today the album is finally here.  WILLY LÖSTER mixed the LP "Millenium" is this way  

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"Taximann" by Schmyt out now 19June
Olsen Involtini
"Taximann" by Schmyt out now

SCHMYT (Jive Germany/ Sony Music) is also taking care of our music dose for the weekend releasing his new single "Taximann" today. Spotify got hooked as well and included the song in his Deutschrap Brandneu playlist. Mix: OLSEN INVOLTINI Don't sleep on SCHMYT, start with "Taximann"!

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Sonje with new single "Dreiuhrzehn"19June
Bounce Brothas
Sonje with new single "Dreiuhrzehn"

The newcomer SONJE (Weiter Weiter) blesses us with her new single "Dreiuhrzehn". Both the song and the accompanying music video gets us to vibe with her. The single was produced by BOUNCE BROTHAS. Listen to the song now! Here you get to the music video.

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Pureblues "high hopes" ist jetzt draußen!!19June
Ben Walter
Pureblues "high hopes" ist jetzt draußen!!

PUREBLUE (The Furious Destiny) is back with their mini-EP "High Hopes". The EP includes the songs "High Hopes" and "Mushroom". The songs were produced by ARNE BEHNFELDT and BEN WALTER. Listen to both songs now!!

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New single "Chemicals Galore" 19June
TwoWorldsApart, Joseph Feinstein
New single "Chemicals Galore"

TWOWORLDSAPART, ORODON and JOSEPH FEINSTEIN team up and send us off into the weekend with their new single "Chemicals Galore" (Clapmode). Let's go - "Chemicals Galore" by TWOWORLDSAPART, ORODON & JOSEPH FEINSTEIN

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LP by Fabrice Richter-Reichhelm19June
Niko Stegmiller, Fargo
LP by Fabrice Richter-Reichhelm

The new LP by FABRICE RICHTER-REICHHELM "Pionier" (Early Bird Records/Mahoni Music) combines wanderlust and returning to the here and now. FALK-ARNE GOSSLER co-wrote "Tiefes Blau" and "Kein Second Hand" Niko Stegmiller also co-wrote "Kein Second Hand" as well as "Sydney" Listen to "Kein Second Hand" by FABRICE RICHTER-REICHHELM

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Debut EP by Nuvilices 19June
Ben Walter, Ashley Parris, Joseph Feinstein
Debut EP by Nuvilices

Via Cloudkid NUVILICES releases the debut EP "perpetuum mobile pt.1" today. The track"music box" also features London based artist PARIIS IX, who co-wrote the track Production and Co-Writing: ARNE BEHNFELDT & BEN WALTER and JOSEPH FEINSTEIN Co-Writing "music box" and "god given": ASHLEY PARRIS This way for "perpetuum mobile pt.1" EP by NUVILICES

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ELEN releases second LP 19June
Kiko Masbaum, Christian Neander
ELEN releases second LP

After releasing her debut LP in 2015, today five years later ELEN (Universal Music) presents her second album called "Blind über Rot" CHRISTIAN NEANDER and KIKO MASBAUM were involved in the making of this LP. Production 2 songs: Christian Neander und Kiko Masbaum "Hallo" Production Christian Neander, Mix Kiko Masbaum  Mix 5 more songs: Kiko Masbaum Listen to ELEN's full LP here

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ALOON's new single "not afraid" out now 19June
Hyperclap, Sebastian Kreis
ALOON's new single "not afraid" out now

ALOON releases their new single "not afraid" via vybrant/Styleheads Music today Production: HYPERCLAP Check out "not afraid"!

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"Weit Weg (Zuhause Session)" - new single by BRUCKNER 12June
Willy Löster
"Weit Weg (Zuhause Session)" - new single by BRUCKNER

The brothers from BRUCKNER present a laid back acoustic version of their single "Weit Weg" - now available in the "Zuhause Session" version. Mixed by WILLY LÖSTER Listen to "Weit Weg (Zuhause Session)"

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TIM KAMRAD with "Blame It On The Lights" 12June
Ecci von Nice, NICE
TIM KAMRAD with "Blame It On The Lights"

With his new single "Blame It on the Lights"  TIM KAMRAD (Roof Music) captures the vibe of a summernight out - carefree and easy. Writing: NICE Production and mix: EKI from NICE Listen to "Blame it on the Lights" by TIM KAMRAD

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"Ahoi" - Gentleman 12June
Olsen Involtini
"Ahoi" - Gentleman

The German reggae musician from Osnabrück GENTLEMAN, who has also worked with international names such as Aloe Blacc and Shaggy, finally releases his new single "Ahoy". For the mix he got help from OLSEN INVOLTINI. Check out the new single now!

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New single by JUSE JU 12June
Willy Löster
New single by JUSE JU

German Rap artist JUSE JU, who grew up in Kirchheim unter Treck, near Stuttgart, Germany and Yokohama, Japan, releases his new single "Claras Verhältnis" (Gropve Attack) today. WILLY LÖSTER mixed the single The new JUSE JU LP will be releases on June 19th Check out the new single here

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Silent Art Orchestra releases new single after 11 years12June
Sandi Strmljan
Silent Art Orchestra releases new single after 11 years

After a break of eleven years SILENT ART ORCHESTRA (Streamlyne) is back with their new single "Kasumi". The single is part of the EP of the same name, which will be released soon. SANDI STRMLJAN is credited as writer and producer. Listen to the song now!!

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