Schimmerling releases "Frechmann"17July
Moritz Enders
Schimmerling releases "Frechmann"

The guys from SCHIMMERLING (RCA) take a more emotional course with their new single "Frechmann". The song goes out to all the lovebirds out there. Mix & Production : MORITZ ENDERS Check it out now!

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"Sixteen" by Lonely spring - out now!!17July
Moritz Enders
"Sixteen" by Lonely spring - out now!!

The four-piece emo-rock band LONELY SPRING (Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH) delights us today with their new single "Sixteen". The unique sound of the young band is especially apparent on this track. The song was produced and mixed by MORITZ ENDERS. Listen to the track here!

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STREAMLYNE releases "Thursday"17July
Sandi Strmljan
STREAMLYNE releases "Thursday"

For the latest release STREAMLYNE draws inspiration from a day of the week yet again presenting "Thursday" via vybrant/Styleheads Music. Writing, Production and Mix: SANDI STRMLJAN Listen to "Thursday" here  

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LO Feat. Joseph Feinstein - Lullaby!!17July
Joseph Feinstein
LO Feat. Joseph Feinstein - Lullaby!!

Producer LO (WeAre Diamond) releases his new single together with JOSEPH FEINSTEIN today. Despite its title "Lullaby", the song encourages us to dance. JOSEPH FEINSTEIN has not only lent his voice to the track, but also co-wrote it. Listen to the single now!!

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Max von Milland releases "Über'n Berg" 10July
Kiko Masbaum
Max von Milland releases "Über'n Berg"

Singer MAX VON MILLAND (0472 / Sony Music) gets support for his latest single "Über'n Berg" by LaBrassBanda. Production and Mix: KIKO MASBAUM Listen to the Song and check out the video

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"Sidekick" by Joseph Feinstein 10July
Joseph Feinstein
"Sidekick" by Joseph Feinstein

The new JOSEPH FEINSTEIN single "Sidekick" (NAPA Songs) is a smooth almost jazzy tune focussing on the voice with soft piano in the background. The song is this way 

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New EP by RHODES10July
Alex Beitzke

After a few singles RHODES (B1 Recordings/ Sony Music) now releases the corresponding EP "I'm Not Okay" inkl. a new track "Every Turn". ALEX BEITZKE and BRADLEY SPENCE produced "Every Turn" Mix: ALEX BEITZKE Alex and Bradley also produced the tracks "This Shouldn't Work" and the title track "I'm Not Okay".  Check out the full EP

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Hyperclap releases new version of "Big Big World"10July
Hyperclap releases new version of "Big Big World"

Electro duo HYPERCLAP puts their own twist on 90's hit "Big Big World" by Emilia turning it into a driven house track for Berlin dance floors. Check out the song

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"If I Don't" by ELLIPSO feat. Pariis IX out now 10July
Ellipso, Ashley Parris
"If I Don't" by ELLIPSO feat. Pariis IX out now

The duo ELLIPSO joins forces with singer PARIIS IX on their new single. "If I Don't" is released via Clapmode. "If I Don't" by ELLIPSO x PARIIS IX

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New Hollowgang single "number" feat. GionnyScandal10July
Simon Jäger
New Hollowgang single "number" feat. GionnyScandal

Swedish band HOLLOWGANG brings back 2000's punk rock à la Blink182 and Greenday adding rap, trap und hiphop sounds to the mix. Perfect example of this mix is their new single "number" (Wasted Talent Records) together with Italian emo trapper GionnyScandal. SIMON JÄGER mixed the song Listen to "number" by HOLLOWGANG feat. GionnyScandal here

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KYDS feat Franky Klassen with "Sunset" 10July
Hyperclap, Sebastian Kreis
KYDS feat Franky Klassen with "Sunset"

On their new single "Sunset" via We Are Diamond KYDS bring in FRANKY KLASSEN adding sound of his electro cello to the track. Co-Write and Production: HYPERCLAP Listen to "Sunset"

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New HAIYTI LP 03July
Bounce Brothas

HAIYTI releases her new LP "SUI SUI" today! The BOUNCE BROTHAS are involved in the making of this LP producing the track "Asbach" feat. Capuz & Klapse Mane Listen to "Asbach" by HAIYTI feat. Capuz & Klapse Mane

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Jugende x Joseph Feinstein new single "Burn It Down" 03July
Joseph Feinstein
Jugende x Joseph Feinstein new single "Burn It Down"

"Burn It Down" is the second collaboration of producer JUGENDE and singer songwriter JOSEPH FEINSTEIN. JUGENDE is all about music with positive vibes, this time supported by JOSEPH FEINSTEIN's writing talent as well as his voice. Check out "Burn It Down"

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Halunke with "Uf Rimini" 26June
Halunke with "Uf Rimini"

Summer feeling with the new single by the Swiss band HALKUNKE "Uf Rimini" in Swiss dialect (Der letzte Schrei Records) Mastering: JEM "Uf Rimini" here

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FRIDAY by Streamlyne26June
Sandi Strmljan
FRIDAY by Streamlyne

It's Friday and we listen to "Friday" by STREAMLYNE releases via vybrant/ Styleheads Music. Lounge vibes for your weekend! Production and Writing: SANDI STRMLJAN Friday!

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This week TWOWORLDSAPART bless us with another remix, dress up the song "Reeperbahn" by HELLO OPERATOR (Blood Stained Bill/ Aviator-Entertainment) TwoWorldsApart style. Listen to "Reeperbahn (TwoWorldsApart Remix)

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Giant rooks veröffentlichen neue Single "Heat Up"26June
Jochen Naaf
Giant rooks veröffentlichen neue Single "Heat Up"

After the singles "Watershed" and "What I Know Is All Quicksand" the guys from GIANT ROOKS (IRRSINN Tonträger) now release their next song "Heat Up". The track was produced by JOCHEN NAAF. Listen to "Heat Up" now!

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"Streifzug" new single by Luna 26June
"Streifzug" new single by Luna

LUNA releases her new single "Streifzug" today.  The young singer from Passau, Germany again presents music with personal lyrics in German. FALK-ARNE GOSSLER co-wrote "Streifzug" Listen to "Streifzug" by LUNA here

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