Back on track with Bayernticket and Luis Baltes 09September
Luis Baltes
Back on track with Bayernticket and Luis Baltes

Together with the regional train system in Bavaria and Bayern-Ticket LUIS BALTES is back on track with a new song for consious travelling in Germany. Written and performed by LUIS BALTES im collaboration with BASS-Hamburg and Sony Music Entertainment Germany Check out the song and the video

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"Berlin Therapy" EP by Lonely Spring 04September
Moritz Enders
"Berlin Therapy" EP by Lonely Spring

LONELY SPRING mixing up the emo rock scene since 2019 release the new EP "Berlin Therapy" (Columbia/Sony Music) today! Recording and Mix: MORITZ ENDERS Check out "Berlin Therapy" here

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New single by JAKOB AUGUST out now04September
Willy Löster
New single by JAKOB AUGUST out now

Singer songwriter JAKOB AUGUST (7music) grew up on an island in the Mediterranean and you can still tell by his easy-breezy summer sound. Check out his new single "Soldier". WILLY LÖSTER mixed the single. Click here for "Soldier"

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Nightwhisper release "Deep In Fear" 04September
Ben Walter
Nightwhisper release "Deep In Fear"

Today - you can listen to the new NIGHTWHISPER track, released via The Furious Destiny, on your favourite streaming platform everywhere. Writing and Production: ARNE BEHNFELDT & BEN WALTER Check out "Deep Fear"

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Sara hartman with "Watermelon"28August
Simon Jäger
Sara hartman with "Watermelon"

The US-American SARA HARTMAN (BMG Rights Management) releases her new single "Watermelon" in collaboration with the rapper TUIMI (Tapioka Records) today. The song was mixed by SIMON JÄGER. Listen to "Watermelon" now!

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"Rookery" is out now!!28August
Jochen Naaf
"Rookery" is out now!!

The new album "Rookery" by GIANT ROOKS (IRRSINN records) is finally out. Since the beginning of the year the guys have been providing us with numerous singles like, "Watershed", "Heat Up" and "What I know Is All Quicksand". Now the long awaited longplayer to the songs is released. The album was produced by JOCHEN NAAF. The songs "Head by Head" and "Rainfalls" were also mixed by him. Listen to "Rookery" here.

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New CALLEJON LP "Metropolis" 28August
New CALLEJON LP "Metropolis"

CALLEJON (Warner Music) go back to the roots with their new LP "Metropolis" - hardcore metal songs in the significant Callejon style. KOTSCHE from NICE co-wrote 3 songs on the LP Check out "Metropolis"

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New single "Wednesday" by STREAMLYNE 28August
Sandi Strmljan
New single "Wednesday" by STREAMLYNE

STREAMLYNE dedicates another song to one day of the week and releases the new single "Wednesday" today via vybrant/Styleheads Music. Writing, production and mix: SANDI STRMLJAN Listen to "Wednesday"

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"Little Ghost" by NIGHTWHISPER21August
Ben Walter
"Little Ghost" by NIGHTWHISPER

NIGHTWHISPER (The Furious Destiny) releases their new single "Little Ghost" today. The song was produced by ARNE BEHNFELDT and BEN WALTER. Listen to the single here.

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Amilli with "Green Eyes"21August
Kiko Masbaum
Amilli with "Green Eyes"

The 20-year-old newcomer AMILLI (MIGHTKILLYA) releases her new single "Green Eyes" today.  The soothing song immediately transports you into another world. The song was mixed by KIKO MASBAUM. Do yourself a favor and listen to the song here.

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Nina Young releases "Down To Earth"21August
Ben Walter
Nina Young releases "Down To Earth"

NINA YOUNGS (The Furious Destiny) latest single of is out now. The vibey track is called "Down To Earth" and is available on all streaming platforms as of today. Production: ARNE BEHNFELDT and BEN WALTER. Listen to "Down To Earth" now.

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New Nightwhisper-track14August
Ben Walter
New Nightwhisper-track

NIGHTWHISPER (The Furious Destiny) keeps on blessing us with new music. The latest single is called "Lost in the Moment" and is available immediately. Production: ARNE BEHNFELDT and BEN WALTER. Click here for the single.

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Matija with "saddaysinthecity"14August
Willy Löster
Matija with "saddaysinthecity"

MATIJA (Clouds Hill) captivates us with their new single "Saddaysinthecity", which will hopefully be performed on their German tour starting in September. The track was produced and mixed by WILLY LÖSTER. Listen to "Saddaysinthecity" now. 

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Blackout problems - "Murderer" OUT now!!14August
Moritz Enders
Blackout problems - "Murderer" OUT now!!

The Munich-based alternative rock band BLACKOUT PROBLEMS (RCA), released their brand new single "MURDERER" today. The killer song was mixed by MORITZ ENDERS.   Listen to it now!

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Nina young - "Firefly"14August
Ben Walter
Nina young - "Firefly"

NINA YOUNG (The Furious Destiny) releases another new single today. "Firefly" is the name of the song which was produced by ARNE BEHNFELDT and BEN WALTER. Listen to "Firefly" now.

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Ellipso covers Lil peep und XXXTEntacion14August
Ellipso, Joseph Feinstein
Ellipso covers Lil peep und XXXTEntacion

ELLIPSO (Clapmode) and JOSEPH FEINSTEIN team up to cover the LIL PEEP and XXXTENTACION hit "Falling Down". Listen to the "Falling Down"-remix here.

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NULLZWEIZWEI releases "Etabliert"-Album14August
Bounce Brothas
NULLZWEIZWEI releases "Etabliert"-Album

NULLZWEIZWEI mixes up the German rap game again with their new album release. The body of work is titled "Established" and contains the songs "Popu", "Lada vs. Benz" and "1022", which were produced and co-written by the BOUNCEBROTHERS Listen to the album now.

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Tyle -"Hospitalyzed"14August
Tyle -"Hospitalyzed"

Matching the weekend, TYLE (Vybrant) delights us with his new single "Hospitalyzed". Get to the single here.

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