"Spring" by Provinz!16May
Moritz Enders
"Spring" by Provinz!

The guys from PROVINZ (Warner Music) release their new single "Spring" today. You can listen to the epic track now on all streaming platforms. MORITZ ENDERS mixed the single. Listen to "Spring" here!

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Sam Vance-Law releases new LP09May
Charlie McClean
Sam Vance-Law releases new LP

The new album "Goodbye" by SAM VANCE-LAW is finally released today. We were waiting impatiently for the new record and now we can finally enjoy 12 new songs.  The album was co-produced by CHARLIE MCCLEAN. Click here to listen to "Goodbye".

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The Secluded mit "Trust"06May
O.L.A.F. Opal
The Secluded mit "Trust"

After eight years, finally there is new music from THE SECLUDED (Motor Entertainment). With the single "Trust" the guys start the perfect comeback. The song was mixed by OLAF OPAL. Listen to "Trust" here!

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TwoWorldsApart & Wilhelmina - "Don't Hold Your Breath" Out now!06May
TwoWorldsApart & Wilhelmina - "Don't Hold Your Breath" Out now!

TWOWORLDSAPART & WILHELMINA release their new single "Don't Hold Your Breath" (Lilly Era) today and the track is definitely worth listening to. Listen to the new single here!

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Roger Rekless releases "Step"06May
Bounce Brothas
Roger Rekless releases "Step"

The rapper ROGER REKLESS (Sony Music) convinces once again with his music and his message. Make your own impression and listen to the single "Step". Production and Co-Write: BOUNCE BROTHAS Cklick here to listen to "Step".

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MVCA & AVO SNOW mit Stay (Forever)06May
Joseph Feinstein
MVCA & AVO SNOW mit Stay (Forever)

New music from MVCA & ARI SNOW. Today their new single "Stay (Forever)" is released and can be streamed everywhere now. JOSEPH FEINSTEIN co-wrote the song. Listen to the single here.

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Scorz - "Illuminate"06May
Joseph Feinstein
Scorz - "Illuminate"

Get into the weekend with a banger! Scorz releases today his new single "Illuminate" (Konto Records / Armada Music). Vocals: JOSEPH FEINSTEIN Co-Production: TOBY JACOB Co-Write: JOSEPH FEINSTEIN & TOBY JACOB Listen to "Illuminate" here!

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Big Shrimp Ace - "Hood Girl" OUT NOW!29April
Big Shrimp Ace, Jones
Big Shrimp Ace - "Hood Girl" OUT NOW!

"Hood Girl" (Golddamn) is the name of the new single from BIG SHRIMP ACE and convinces especially with the harmonious sound! There you really look forward to the weekend! Written: BIG SHRIMP ACE and JONAS MARKSCHAT Produced by: JONAS MARKSCHAT You can hear "Hood Girl" here!

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Olsen Involtini

After three years, RAMMSTEIN's new album "Zeit" is finally released. As the third single, the band releases the song "Angst", which can be seen on the New Music Friday on Spotify. A trailer has already been released, and the premiere of 'Angst' is today at 5 p.m. OLSEN INVOLTINI produced the long player together with RAMMSTEIN. Click here for the video premiere of "Angst"! You can listen to the Metal Hammer here!

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New music video for "Stark Sein" - Emanuel Reiter28April
Niko Stegmiller, Fargo
New music video for "Stark Sein" - Emanuel Reiter

Situations happen in life that are not predictable. Sometimes you just have to "be strong". A few days ago EMANUEL REITER has reminded us with his new song that we are all still human. Now the new music video for the single "Stark sein "was released today! We are also happy to announce that the singer / songwriter is also going on tour. The song was co-written by ARNE-FALK GOSSLER and NIKO STEGMILLER. Click here for the tour dates! Click here for the music video!

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updog - "tropicana"28April
Joseph Feinstein
updog - "tropicana"

"tropicana" (updog) is the latest release from singer / songwriter UPDOG. The single was co-written and co-produced by JOSEPH FEINSTEIN. Click here for the song.

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Rapper Dazzit brings out first SOLO RELEASE!28April
Rapper Dazzit brings out first SOLO RELEASE!

Hamburg rapper DAZZIT was featured on several songs from the Disarstar album in the past. Now the talent brings out his first solo release "LowKey" (made in hamburg).  The debut single was co-produced by CAN'T BE BOUGHT.   You can listen to "LowKey" here.

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SamajAi, Luis Baltes

The perfect start into the weekend is made by the singer HYMNER (TENTWENTY) with his single "Rivers".  The single was co-written by LUIS BALTES and SAMAJ. Click here for the song!

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Pelle Gunnerfeldt

Stockholm post-punk band VIAGRA BOYS recently announced their new album "Cave World" on July 8 via YEAR0001. Now follows the release of their third album with their first single "Ain't No Thief". The single was produced and mixed by PELLE GUNNERFELDT. VIAGRA BOYS - "Ain't No Thief"" you can listen to here!

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Lo feat SamajAi - "Ready For Love"15April
Lo feat SamajAi - "Ready For Love"

LO and SAMAJAI release their new deep house track "Ready for Love" (Soave Records) which can be heard on all platforms. Are you ready to feel the vibe?

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The new Province album comes with "Verrate deine Freunde" 11April
Moritz Enders
The new Province album comes with "Verrate deine Freunde"

"Verrate deine Freunde" is the name of the new track from PROVINZ (WM Germany) and is the herald to the announced album of the band. The new track is exactly what we expect from a typical Province single! Namely a song that instigates to sing along! Mix: Moritz Enders Click here for the song.

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 Dopo - "Signale"11April
Kiko Masbaum
Dopo - "Signale"

DOPO releases his new single "Signale" (recordJet), which is now available on all streaming platforms. Mix: KIKO MASBAUM Click here to go to "Signale"! 

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Daniele Puccia with "Gegengift"08April
Roland Spremberg, Louisa Marie
Daniele Puccia with "Gegengift"

New artist alert! Daniele Puccia celebrates his debut with the release of his single "Gegengift" and has definitely made the right decision with the single choice.  The potential hit was written by LOUISA BÜCHELER, ROLAND SPREMBERG & TOM ALBRECHT. Production: ROLAND SPREMBERG Check out "Gegengift" here.

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