DAMONA - "Flame under a Glass"29July
Christian Neander
DAMONA - "Flame under a Glass"

She is not only capable of TikTok! DAMONA (superpolrecords) proves it again with her new single "Flame under a glass". The track is already running in continuous loop. Writing: DAMONA & CHRISTIAN NEANDER Production: CHRISTIAN NEANDER Listen to the Single here!

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Silbermond - "Auf Auf" Out now!!29July
Jochen Naaf, Moritz Enders
Silbermond - "Auf Auf" Out now!!

Silbermond thrills once again with their music. The new single "Auf Auf" is not only an absolute earworm, but also convinces with its lyrics. The line "Auf in den Sommer" is at this moment the most fitting motto of many of us. The single was produced by JOCHEN NAAF.  MORITZ ENDERS mixed it. You can listen to the single here.

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Provinz veröffentlicht "Zwei Menschen"29July
Moritz Enders
Provinz veröffentlicht "Zwei Menschen"

Today again a new single from PROVINZ (Warner Music) is released. This time the guys go it a little calmer and more emotional. The single "Zwei Menschen" was mixed by MORITZ ENDERS. Listen to it!

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TYNA - "Zu viel für dich"29July
Simon Jäger
TYNA - "Zu viel für dich"

Punk rock is trendy again and TYNA (Schallauge) contributes to it. Her new single "Zu viel für dich" (Too much for you) has it all. Convince yourselves! The single was produced and mixed by SIMON JÄGER. You can listen to "Zu viel für dich"here.

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Diana Goldberg with new EP22July
can', Ashley Parris, Joseph Feinstein
Diana Goldberg with new EP

After three single releases, the new EP from DIANA GOLDBERG is finally released via CloudKid. The EP is called "BLOSSOM IN THE DARK" and includes three new songs besides the three singles. Writing: DIANA GOLDBERG, ASHLEY PARRIS, JOSEPH FEINSTEIN Production: JOSEPH FEINSTEIN Mix: CAN'T BE BOUGHT Listen to the EP here.

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DAZZIT is "Different"22July
DAZZIT is "Different"

DAZZIT shows us that he is "Different" (made in hamburg) and clearly stands out from many of his peers with his new single. But convince yourself of it. Production, Mix & Co-write: CAN'T BE BOUGHT Check out "Different" here!

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DELA & SION - "Besonders" Out mow!22July
Bounce Brothas
DELA & SION - "Besonders" Out mow!

90's R&B is coming back. DELA & SION contribute to this with their new single "Besonders" (Universal Music).  The single was produced by the BOUNCE BROTHAS. Listen to "Besonders" here!

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Viagra Boys release new LP08July
Pelle Gunnerfeldt
Viagra Boys release new LP

"Cave World" is the name of the new masterpiece from the VIAGRA BOYS (YEAR0001). The craving has now finally come to an end, because the guys feed us once again with 12 new and thrilling songs. Nine songs were produced, mixed and co-written by PELLE GUNNERFELDT. Listen to the album now!!

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Byelian - "lost I different perspective"15July
Kiko Masbaum
Byelian - "lost I different perspective"

After "whenever it's too quite" the second single "lost l a different perspective" from BYELIANS (MIGHTKILLYA) upcoming EP is released today. We can't wait to hear the rest. The track was mixed by KIKO MASBAUM. You can listen to the song here.

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LOUA releases debut single15July
Tobias Röger, Louisa Marie
LOUA releases debut single

LOUA (Seven.One Starwatch) shows her confident side in her debut single "Liegt nicht an mir" and still remains charismatic. This is how you start a solo career! Writing: LOUISA BÜCHELER, TOBIAS RÖGER & SERHAT SAKIN Production: SERHAT SAKIN & TOBIAS RÖGER Cloick here for the single!

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Loco Candy has "A Thousand Dreams" 15July
Loco Candy has "A Thousand Dreams"

LOCO CANDY (BMG Rights Management) releases his new single "A Thousand Dreams" today and provides us with the perfect soundtrack for a relaxing weekend. Writing: LOCO CANDY & JONAS MARKSCHAT Production: JONAS MARKSCHAT Check out the song here!

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"Ups & Downs" by Theo Junior15July
Bounce Brothas
"Ups & Downs" by Theo Junior

It's already number 1 in the TikTok charts, and now the single is also available on all streaming platforms. "Ups & Downs" by THEO JUNIOR definitely has it all and we can already see the song climbing up the chart ladder in the future. Co-Write: BOUNCE BROTHAS & THEOPHILUS JUNIOR BESTELMEYER  Production: BOUNCE BROTHAS Listen to the single here.

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Stegmiller - "Zeitmaschine" Out Now!!15July
Niko Stegmiller, Christian Neander
Stegmiller - "Zeitmaschine" Out Now!!

This is how to do a debut! STEGMILLER (stegmiller / RAR) releases his debut single "Zeitmaschine" today and convinces not only with his outstanding writing skills but also with his breathtaking voice. Writing: STEGMILLER, MICHAEL TIBES & CHRISTIAN NEANDER Production: CHRISTIAN NEANDER & MICHAEL TIBES Listen to "Zeitmaschine" here!

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Callejon releases "Tor des Todes"08July
Callejon releases "Tor des Todes"

CALLEJON (Warner Music Group Germany) once again delivers with full energy and releases their new single "Tor des Todes" today.  KOTSCHE has contributed to the song. Check out the new Track here!

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Kraftklub feat. Tokio Hotel mit "Fahr mit mir (4x4)"08July
Moritz Enders
Kraftklub feat. Tokio Hotel mit "Fahr mit mir (4x4)"

In their new single KRAFTKLUB (A Vertigo/Capitol) and TOKIO HOTEL ask if we don't want to ride with them in their 4x4. We gladly accept the offer and listen to the new single at full volume during the ride. The song was mixed and mastered by MORITZ ENDERS. Click here to listen to "Fahr mit mir (4x4)".

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New Music by Giant Rooks08July
Jochen Naaf
New Music by Giant Rooks

After two years there is finally new music from GIANT ROOKS (IRRSINN records). The boys release their new single "Morning Blue" today and makes us already want more. We are very curious how their new era will look like. The single was produced by JOCHEN NAAF. Listen to "Morning Blue" here!

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Big Shrimp Ace - "Sailor Moon" Out now!!08July
Big Shrimp Ace, Jones
Big Shrimp Ace - "Sailor Moon" Out now!!

BIG SHRIMP ACE (Golddamn) stays constant with his releases. After his last single "Hood Girl", the next track "Sailor Moon" is released. The song is released at the same time as the very nostalgic music video. Writing: BIG SHRIMP ACE aka ERIK ORTMANN & JONAS MARKSCHAT Production: JONAS MARKSCHAT Listen to "Sailor Moon" now! Click here for the music video.

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New music by Twoworldsapart, Panuma & Nina Carr 01July
New music by Twoworldsapart, Panuma & Nina Carr

The guys from TWOWORLDSAPART have teamed up with PANUMA again to produce a dreamy tune. This time they got NINA CARR on board for the vocals of "Slippin" (ChillYourMind). Listen to "Slippin" here.

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