Johannes Oerding - "Kaleidoskop"02September
Kiko Masbaum
Johannes Oerding - "Kaleidoskop"

JOHANNES OERDING (Columbia) looks through the "Kaleidoskope" in his new single, a beautiful song! We are eagerly awaiting his new album. The song was mixed by KIKO and WALDEMAR. You can listen to it here. 

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Fil Bo Riva  - "Running in circles" Out now!02September
Jochen Naaf
Fil Bo Riva - "Running in circles" Out now!

FIL BO RIVA (Universal Music) is going for it! After his last single "Young & Free" the next potential hit is released. "Running in Circles" is available to stream everywhere starting today. The single was produced by JOCHEN NAAF. Check out the track here!

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J R & Ellipso release single02September
J R & Ellipso release single

J R and ELLIPSO team up to release their new track "I Know You Will" (TWST). If you're up for dancing, now is the time. Listen to the single here.

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Zwo Eins Risiko with "Tanzt wie du bumst"02September
Moritz Enders
Zwo Eins Risiko with "Tanzt wie du bumst"

Finally new music from Zwo Eins Risiko again! The guys release today their new single "Tanzt wie du bumst". The track was written by LEONHARD & VALENTIN KELLER.  MORITZ ENDERS mixed it. Listen to it here!

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"Glamour" - BLOODHYPE26August
"Glamour" - BLOODHYPE

BLOODHYPE (ISBESSA Music) finally released a new single "Glamour" after a long break. There is also a great music video on YouTube, be sure to check it out. We are looking forward to more songs! The single was co-written by KOTSCHE (NICE Edition / NAPA Songs) and ECCI (NICE Edition / NAPA Songs). You can listen to "Glamour" here.

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"Heart Of Glass" - LCAW ft. Millie Turner26August
Christian Neander
"Heart Of Glass" - LCAW ft. Millie Turner

LCWA released a new single "Heart Of Glass" together with the British artist MILLIE TURNER (AWAL), including a great music video.  The single was co-written by CHRISTIAN NEANDER, who also played the guitar. Here you can listen to the single.  And here you can find the amazing music video for "Heart Of Glass". 

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Wonderful acoustic version of "Car's Outside" - James Arthur26August
Alex Beitzke
Wonderful acoustic version of "Car's Outside" - James Arthur

JAMES ARTHUR (Sony Music) released the single "Car's Outside" in 2019. He sang it as an acoustic version on TikTok and went through the roof with it, which is why the single was released again today as an acoustic version. Beautiful! Produced and co-written by ALEXANDER BEITZKE. You can listen to "Car's Outside - Acoustic" here.

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Charisma - "Pixel Chix" Out Now!26August
Bounce Brothas
Charisma - "Pixel Chix" Out Now!

The weekend starts already quite sexy. CHARISMA (alldifferent) contributes to this with her new single "Pixel Chix". The BOUNCE BROTHAS produced and co-wrote the song. Listen to the track here.

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New Single from Kraftklub26August
Moritz Enders
New Single from Kraftklub

"Teil dieser Band"  is the name of KRAFTKLUB's (Universal Music) new single. Another great song. We are looking forward for more! The song was mixed by MORITZ ENDERS.  You can listen to "Teil dieser Band" here. 

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FARGO - "Liebeslied (für meine Hater)"26August
FARGO - "Liebeslied (für meine Hater)"

Finally new music from FARGO (Motor Music). This time he addresses his haters in his new single. So dear haters, listen to this one. Writing: FAlK-ARNE GOßLER, CHRISTIAN NEANDER & NIKO STEGMILLER Production: CHRISTIAN NEANDER Click here to listen to "Liebeslied (an meine Hater)".

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Elisa Valerie - "Spaß & Probleme" EP26August
Charlie McClean
Elisa Valerie - "Spaß & Probleme" EP

Another great release this week comes from ELISA VALERIE (Four Music) with her EP "Spaß & Probleme". After two mega singles, you can finally listen to and enjoy all five songs.  The EP was mixed by CHARLIE MCCLEAN.  You can listen to the EP here. 

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George JR releases "Blau"26August
Paul Jacobi
George JR releases "Blau"

GEORGE JR (Groove Attack) enriches us once again with a real earworm. His new single "Blau" is already running on continuous loop. PAUL JACOBI co-wrote it. Listen to it now!

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Remix EP to "Ups & Downs" released26August
Bounce Brothas
Remix EP to "Ups & Downs" released

 Six weeks after the successful release of "Ups & Downs" by THEO JUNIOR (Groove Attack), the remix EP is finally released. As a surprise, an acoustic video for the single has also been released on You Tube. The single was co-written and produced by BOUNCE BROTHAS. Here you can find the EP. And here you can find the acoustic video for "Ups & Downs".

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Twoworldsapart - "Slippin' Tim Hughes Remix" Out Now!!19August
Twoworldsapart - "Slippin' Tim Hughes Remix" Out Now!!

After the single "Slippin" was released a few weeks ago and was well received by many, the Tim Hughes remix to it is now released. Listen to the track here.

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Sportfreunde Stiller - "Ich scheiss' auf schlechten Zeiten"19August
Moritz Enders
Sportfreunde Stiller - "Ich scheiss' auf schlechten Zeiten"

In their new single, the guys from SPORTFREUNDE STILLER (Universal Music) are a bit more naughty again. The single "Ich scheiss' auf schlechte Zeiten" is available for streaming everywhere as of today. The track was mixed by MORITZ ENDERS. Listen here!

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Surprise Release by JOSPEH FEINSTEIN17August
Joseph Feinstein
Surprise Release by JOSPEH FEINSTEIN

JOSEPH FEINSTEIN surprises us on a wednesday with his new single "black bouquet". It lets us dance through the rest of the week. Artist and co-writer: JOSEPH FEINSTEIN You can listen to it here. 

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Thilo - "Feelings to catch"15August
Joseph Feinstein
Thilo - "Feelings to catch"

Another great release from last week, is the new EP "RUN RUN" by THILO (better together - rec.). The single "FEELINGS TO CATCH" was co-written and co-produced by JOSEPH FEINSTEIN.  Listen to it here, for a great start into the week. 

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Betterov - "Berlin ist keine Stadt"12August
Pelle Gunnerfeldt
Betterov - "Berlin ist keine Stadt"

BETTEROV (Universal Music) released another single "Berlin ist keine Stadt", be sure to listen to it. Mixed by PELLE GUNNERFELDT. You can listen to "Berlin ist keine Stadt" here. 

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