The LP "Cicero sings Sinatra" reached Gold status with more than 100.000 sold units.
On this album ROGER CICERO (RCA Deutschland) sings some of the greatest hits and his personal favourites of the entertainer Frank Sinatra live in Hamburg in 2015.

ROLAND SPREMBERG is the music producer of this album

Directed by Sven Haeusler, Svenson Suite

WILLY LÖSTER mixed the live material for CD and DVD

OLSEN INVOLTINI mixed the three studio songs

Get the LP "Cicero sings Sinatra" here


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"Die Liebe siegt sowieso" Herz Edition by Maite Kelly
Roland Spremberg

MAITE KELLY (Electrola) releases an extended version of her latest LP "Die Liebe siegt sowieso" called Herz Edition today. ROLAND SPREMBERG produced and mixed 6 tracks of the LP incl. "Liebe lohnt sich", which he co-wroe as well. He also produced and mixed the two Die kleine Hummel Bommel tracks. Check out the Herz Edition here

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Scatman John & Lou Bega "Scatman & Hatman"
Roland Spremberg

LOU BEGA (Universal Music) celeberates his 20th anniversary on stage. His hit "Mambo No.5" sold more than 13 mio. units worldwide. On this occasion, he releases a combination of the two '90s hits "Scatman (SKI-BA-BOP-BA-DOP-BOP)" and "Mambo No.5" and creates a 2019s hit.  ROLAND SPREMBERG co-wrote, produced and mixed "Scatman & Hatman". Listen to "Scatman & Hatman" now! Watch the video here. 

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Jochen Naaf, Moritz Enders, Roland Spremberg

This week's charts are looking good for BOSSE and MAITE KELLY as well as for three Golden Gate producers. BOSSE (Universal Music) enters the charts on #1 with his new LP  "Alles ist jetzt". MAITE KELLY (Electrola) is on #3 with her latest LP "Die Liebe siegt sowieso". JOCHEN NAAF produced 6 songs incl. singles of the BOSSE LP produziert and co-produced "Augen zu Musik an" MORITZ ENDERS mixed the BOSSE LP 6 Songs and 4 acoustic songs on the MAITE KELLY LP are produced and mixed by ROLAND SPREMBERG

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ROLAND SPREMBERG: MAITE KELLY with her new LP "Die Liebe siegt sowieso"
Roland Spremberg

MAITE KELLY (Electrola) says, with her today released new LP "Die Liebe siegt sowieso" she embraces life and love. ROLAND SPREMBERG produced and mixed six tracks of the LP as well as the four special acoustic tracks Check them out here

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