PAPENDIECK/SPREMBERG/RÖGER/JEM/ILBERT: Golden Gate producers in the official charts of 2014

Several artists who successfully worked with Golden Gate producers in the past year are to be found on high positions of the official charts of 2014.

With her album "Farbenspiel" HELENE FISCHER (Universal) is making history by leading the LP ranking just as in 2013. Never before an album got to lead this charts twice!

CHRISTOPH PAPENDIECK is the musical director HELENE FISCHER. He arranges the music for her Live performances and takes part as Live piano player as well.

The track "Te quiero" was written by CHRISTOPH PAPENDIECK, ROLAND SPREMBERG and TOBIAS RÖGER, together with Markus Brosch, Michael Ochs and Emi Green.

HERBERT GRÖNEMEYER (Grönland) is on number 5 with his album "Dauernd Jetzt" released early December 2014.

MICHAEL ILBERT recorded and mixed the album.

On position 4 of the single list you'll find ANDREAS BOURANI (Universal) with his hitsingle "Auf Uns".

JEM produced and mixed this single. He also produced 9 tracks and mixed the whole album "Hey".

We're looking forward to the upcoming year!


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