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Marlon Hammer - "Flüssiges Glück"

Finally a new single from our young Bochumer MARLON HAMMER (Telamo) "Flüssiges Glück". A beautiful, emotional track reminiscent of Felix Felicis from Harry Potter. Definitely listen to it!

Written by MARLON HAMMER. 

Co-produced by Team NICE.

Mixed by Frieder Does. 

You can listen to "Flüssiges Glück" here.


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First Mixes of 2024
Frieder Does

FRIEDER DOES has been involved in several releases over the last 6 weeks. He started the new year with the album mix - "Der beste Verlierer" - by ENNO BUNGER (Ennorm). A great album, which also made it into the top 10 of the German album charts! On January 24, LOSTBOI LINO (Chimperator) released his live EP, which bears the name "LIVEBOI LINO".  FRIEDER was also responsible for the mix. Today there were two new releases for which FRIEDER mixed.  ROOFTOP SAILORS (Horse on the Grill Records) released their new album "RETROSLAVE". Besides the mix, FRIEDER also produced this album. The live EP by NICO LASKA (Munich Warehouse) was also released today. "If I'd Be Famous, I'd Play Show After Show".  Feel free to listen!

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december review
Frieder Does

FRIEDER DOES mixed some new songs in December.  DERY released her new album "chapter three" at the beginning of the month.  On 08.12. there were three releases on which FRIEDER mixed:  ROOFTOP SAILOR - "Dancing on Broken Bones". ENNO BUNGER (Ennorm Records) - "Heute nicht". PANICWAVES (Easthaven Records) - "Roots" EP.  On the latest album "Milliardäre & Verlierer" by CASTILLO, which was released on December 15th, FRIEDER also mixed 2 songs.

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Album-Release - "chapter three"
Frieder Does

DERY (dery) releases their new album "chapter three".  The album was mixed by FRIEDER DOES.

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In summary: September & October
Frieder Does

FRIEDER DOES worked on a couple of new releases in the last 2 months.  On the one hand he produced ANTJE SCHOMAKERS (BMG) new single "Snacks", which was released in early September. FRIEDER also mixed and co-produced some of the songs on the album of the same name.  Furthermore NICO LASKA (Munich Warehouse) released a new single. With "one night talk" he expands the pop scene.  Mix by FRIEDER DOES. Also the ROOFTOP SAILORS (Horse On The Grill Records) enriched September with their new single "New High". Prod. and Mix by FRIEDER.

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