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Callejon's Album is out!

The 11 track album by CALLEJON (Warner Music) is finally out, it's called "Eternia". Perfect for rocking out on the weekend!

CHRISTOPH KOTERZINA (KOTSCHE) ,from the NICE Edition, co-wrote some of the songs and is an artist. 

You can listen to "Eternia" here. 


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Bobby Lies - "Can't Say No!"

On November 24th BOBBY LIES (Love Gang Records) released his new single "Can't Say No!". Our dear KOTSCHE from TEAM NICE produced, mixed and co-wrote this one.

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Release Radar - Team Nice

Our songwriter team KOTSCHE and EKI have been working on some great projects lately. Here is a short overview for you.  May 12 saw the release of "Sleeping With My Clothes On" by BOBBY LIES (Easthaven Records), which was produced and co-written by our lovely KOTSCHE.  BOBBY LIES' (Easthaven Records) new EP "How not to be like this" was released on June 30, with KOTSCHE also co-produced. Last but not least our team NICE mixed and co-produced the new song "Die besten Tage" by SEBASTIAN WURTHs (BMG).  Feel free to listen to it!

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Kamrads EP is out!
Jones, NICE

KAMRAD's new EP is the best example of how to convey honest feelings casually and effortlessly, it's called "not good at playing love songs". It's hard to imagine the airplay charts without Kamrad, here are a few more great hits.  Co-written by Team NICE and JONES. Produced and mixed by ECCI and JONES. Listen to the new EP here.

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Marlon Hammer - "Flüssiges Glück"
Frieder Does, Marlon Hammer, NICE

Finally a new single from our young Bochumer MARLON HAMMER (Telamo) "Flüssiges Glück". A beautiful, emotional track reminiscent of Felix Felicis from Harry Potter. Definitely listen to it! Written by MARLON HAMMER.  Co-produced by Team NICE. Mixed by Frieder Does.  You can listen to "Flüssiges Glück" here.

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