Luis Baltes

Songwriter, Remixer

* coming from an urban background, Luis developed into one of the most requested young writers nationally, also claiming his first international success stories

* just finished working on the album of German rap legends 5 Sterne Deluxe (also being featured multiple times on the album)

* his toplines found their way onto Ten Music’s new act Hymner and french DJ stars Faul & Wad Ad (Tonspiel/WePlayMusic)

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Luis Baltes veröffentlicht "Paranoia"
Luis Baltes

LUIS BALTES (Kanone Records) makes us quite paranoid with his new single "Paranoia". The multiple conspiracy theories that are taken up in the song make it very interesting and make us think and reflect. Listen to "Paranoia" now.

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Clingony feat. Luis Baltes - "Nobody" Out Now!!
Luis Baltes

Hamburg based Dj CLINGONY (Kanone Records UG) releases his new single "Nobody" today with LUIS BALTES as a feature. LUIS BALTES also co-wrote and co-produced the song. Listen to "Nobody" now.

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CRAM single "Winner"
Luis Baltes

Hamburg based Music Producer and DJ CRAM releases his new single "Winner" today via ONZE (SWUTCH music). LUIS BALTES co-wrote this track Listen to "Winner" here

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Back on track with Bayernticket and Luis Baltes
Luis Baltes

Together with the regional train system in Bavaria and Bayern-Ticket LUIS BALTES is back on track with a new song for consious travelling in Germany. Written and performed by LUIS BALTES im collaboration with BASS-Hamburg and Sony Music Entertainment Germany Check out the song and the video

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Worked i.a. for Michael Schulte, Jens Loh's Hippie, Luis Laserpower, Chris Cosmo, Adam Stacks and Toni Tess.

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Luis Baltes is an entertainer. Along with working behind the scenes as a songwriter he has plenty of experience on stage as an artist as well.
With this insight in the best of both worlds he instictively writes authentic lyrics in all different styles of music.

His repertoire as lyricist and topliner is unlimited. Luis is writing in English and German may it be Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Punkrock, Heavy Metal, Country, Folk, German Schlager or even modern electronic music such as Deephouse, Dubstep or Techno apparent in his work for acts like Michael Schulte, Adam Stacks, Jens Loh's Hippie and Chris Cosmo are a proof of that.

Until 2014 he toured Germany and Europe as frontman, singer, songwriter, rapper, lyricist and topliner of the German Pop group Luis Laserpower. He also works as a Rap artist, beat producer, remixer and is also one part of the DJ duo Uppercut.Continue.
As a human beatbox he was invited to tour with international Jazz- and Fusion artists Wolgang Schmid (of Passport fame), Oli Rubow (De-Phazz) and Jens Loh.

Apart from music he loves to explore all aspects of Pop culture like movies, video games and comic books and enjoys a good glass of "Rieslingschorle" (Riesling white wine mixed with sparkling water).