Sebastian Kreis

producer, songwriter

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SEBASTIAN KREIS: "Road to Rome" (Hyperclap Remix)
Sebastian Kreis

Today the HYPERCLAP remix of BABA SHRIMPS' (Sony Music) "Road to Rome" is released. Check out the video for the song produced by upcoming Swiss filmmakers. Click here for the video

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SEBASTIAN KREIS: EP trilogy part 1 by ANNA VR "I:Hallucination"
Sebastian Kreis

With "I:Hallucination" (Zero Hours) ANNA VR releases the first part of her EP trilogy after releasing the debut single in May.The Rolling Stone calls her: "The most exciting new avant-gardist in today's pop world."SEBASTIAN KREIS produced three songs and co-wrote two songs on the EP incl. "Under the Sand" Listen to "I:Hallucination" here

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SEBASTIAN KREIS: "Under The Sand" - first single by ANNA VR
Sebastian Kreis

On the way to releasing her debut EP trilogy, ANNA VR presents the first single "Under The Sand".SEBASTIAN KREIS co-wrote and co-produced "Under The Sand" The first part of the EP will be released June 8th via Zero HoursThe "Under The Sand" video premiered on Kaltblut Magazin

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SEBASTIAN KREIS: KIDDO KAT releases debut single
Sebastian Kreis

Today is the release of KIDDO KAT's debut single "Million Miles". The track is a first glimpse of her album which will be released on the 18th of July. SEBASTIAN KREIS produced the single together with Patrik Majer. Listen to "Million Miles" here! or Watch the music video here!

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Sebastian worked for Schwarz Don't Crack and Nosoyo.
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Sebastian Kreis is producer and songwriter in Berlin.
Born in council housing in Halle, Germany, Sebastian grows up with bands like Sonic Youth, Velvet Underground and Led Zeppelin. Since 2011 Sebastian lives and works as a musician, producer and songwriter in the German capital and released with SCHWARZ DON'T CRACK a LP.

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