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JEM: UDO LINDENBERG up on #1 for three weeks and still counting

With his second MTV Unplugged "Live vom Atlantik" UDO LINDENBERG (Dolce Rita/Warner Music) enters the German charts on #1 in the first week. Three weeks later he still defends his lead position JEM produced and mixed the LP together with Henrik Menzel MTV Unplugged 2 "Live vom Atlantik" is also the fourth LP in a row hitting number one in the first week of sales. Listen to UDO LINDENBERG?s second MTV Unplugged here

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JEM: New single "I was a Teenage Aushilfskraft" by IBRAHIM LÄSSING

Today is the release of IBRAHIM LÄSSING's (ferryhouse) new single "I was a Teenage Aushilfskraft". The rocker from Regensburg is the opposite of mainstream and already won the "Panikpreis" from the "Udo Lindenberg foundation". JEM produced the single together with IBRAHIM LÄSSING and mixed it. Listen to the song here!

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JEM: BENNE releases new LP "Im Großen und Ganzen"

BENNE (ferryhouse) presents his new album "Im Großen und Ganzen" today on CD and available for streaming and in 2018/2019 live on tour! JEM mixed the single "Licht in uns" together with Jens Dreesen The song "Zu früh zu spät" was also mixed by JEM Watch the video for "Licht in uns" here and check out the entire LP "Im Großen und Ganzen" here

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JEM: New single "Herz über Bluat" by MAX VON MILLAND

Today is the release of MAX VON MILLAND's (0472 Records) new single "Herz über Bluat". The Austrian singer is known for singing in the typical tyrol accent. JEM mixed the single. Listen to "Herz über Bluat" here! or Watch the video here!

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Jem also worked for Christina Stürmer, Andreas Bourani, Udo Lindenberg, Ich+Ich and many more.
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Peter Jem Seifert is a well known German music producer, mixer, songwriter and three times German ECHO award winner.
For many years now, established leading artists of the German music scene and upcoming new artists alike, highly appreciate Jem for his work.

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